Motes To Note The End Of The Week

An Idea Whose Time Has Come: The mayor of a southern city in Mexico has finally had to answer to his constituents about one of his campaign promises. The Mayor, Jorge Hernandez was recorded being pulled behind a truck, with his hands tied, down the road he “promised to fix” and has not. The report says 11 local farmers have been arrested in connection with the incident. Now that’s one way to handle unfulfilled campaign promises. Hell, the steel plate that caused the death of a brother of mine is still in the same place it was in 1997. Oh wait, Honolulu campaigners never promise to fix the roads. Nobody would believe for that promise.

: Do you have Kaiser Medical Insurance? How do you feel about “Drag Queen Story Hour”? Is it normal? Well, according to the new advertising campaign for Kaiser, it is. In my opinion, and only mt opinion, the “Story Hour” is another way of sexualizing your children and “grooming” them to think abnormal is normal. If it’s happening, and you don’t like it, say something. Hell, DO SOMETHING.

LoveLine: How do I tell my parents my boyfriend used to be my ex’s girlfriend? Huh?

On China, again
: How come no one is asking Bill Gates about the nuclear power plant he has bought and paid for, in China? Couldn’t get all the permits in America and so he built it there. Now there are rolling blackouts/brownouts in California and other states because of the power demands of the citizens. Hey Billy, you can build one in my backyard. Especially funny when the lights go out in San Diego, but stay on in Tijuana.

Work hard, get screwed: GE has announced it will ‘freeze” pension benefits for about 20,000 employees, and offer nearly 100,000 soon-to-retire a one-payment cash out option. Stock for the strapped company is down 20% and doesn’t look like it’ll be raising anytime soon. Seems to me, pensions are what you already paid for, ain’t they? In other words, GE is going to stop paying you the money you already earned with loyal service. No telling how many times they “moved the goal posts” for you to attain that pension and how many hoops you jumped through.
The Golden Rule: He Who Has The Gold, Makes The Rules.

Hypocrisy, Again: The University of Sheffield, UK, student union has “banned” white students from attending a meeting concerning “anti-racism”. “Please note”, the posted flyer states, “these sessions are only open to black and minority ethnic (BME) students.” Now banning one set of students, because of their race, isn’t that racism? Just asking.

**Additional mote: Happy belated Birthday to John Prine, 73. His music and voice make me smile. ***

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