Little Friday Motes

Let’em have a bake sale: The U.N. is broke and wants its members (spell that American taxpayers) to pay up. Last year the U.S. cut its payments by $270m. Which, co-incidentally, is just a little less then the UN needs to ensure “salaries and entitlements” are covered. Personally, I say cut our loses and just walk out. I mean, what has the UN done for the U.S., except spend our money and criticize out decisions.

Non-Headline? : In 2012, under a “sealed agreement”, the Obama Administration signed a 40-year lease with Communist China, for the Port of Long Beach. This essentially gave China control of the 3,100 acre, including 31 miles of waterfront, port that handles $194 billion dollars of cargo yearly. President Trump had a “security” review of the whole thing which concluded it was not in our best interest to give control of the port to China (Wow, couldn’t see that coming) and has voided the agreement. Boy, this’ll be all over the headlines won’t it? The NBA is silent.

Speaking of the NBA: I don’t watch their games anyway, but maybe with all this crap about China and Hong Kong and the incestuous relationship between the NBA and shoe manufacturers in China, it’s time to treat the NBA like the NFL. You know, don’t go.

You gotta admire his tenacity
: A Japanese man, age 61, steals 159 bicycle seats. He started taking them after someone had stolen the seat from his bike. He said; “I stole the seats as a form of revenge.” And he kept all of them. He gets caught by a security camera. I feel sorry for the poor evidence tech.

Disturbing trend: Islam over all: All the meat now served in public schools in Dearborn MI will be “halal”. Whether the student is Muslim or not. I remember when I was in school, we had fish every Friday, then that was deemed to raise one religion (Catholicism) over the others and the practice was stopped. But nobody sees the hypocrisy of accepting the dictates of Islam over all others. If a student requires a special diet, it should be provided by the family, not the school district.

Hey, reading something the interweb, facebook, or google does not make you an expert on anything. Period.

Punchline: After doing cocaine, shrooms, marijuana, Adderall, and Xanax, she stabbed her roommate 30 times. She claims she was doing it with the Devil. Is that like “the devil made me do it?” Sorry Laugh-In, couldn’t resist. You know, the devil…well you know.

Because, that’s why: Did you notice that all the comedians that are criticizing the “cancel culture” are not white? (couldn’t figure another way to say it without offending somebody. White people don’t count.) Those comedians seem to be the only people that can criticize it. More power(literally) to them.

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