Motes Not In The Middle (of the week)

Legal Question: When did the American legal system turn from the rule of law and “a preponderance of evidence” into accuse, accuse and “keep filing until you find a judge that agrees with you even though several others threw your suit out”?

NYT Headline: “How do you know your daughter is in a cult like NXIVM”. Well, a good indicator would be when they “brand” her ankle.

: “Bullied” NFL player charged with “threatening” other players with a photo (a freakin’ picture) of a shotgun. I thought professional football was a man’s game, but it appears it’s still a boy’s game. For over-payed boy’s that’s for sure, and that’s why I don’t watch games anymore. And the guy feeling threatened, he’s supposed to be one of the baddest badazz in the game.

Should See TV
: Watched a rather interesting tv “documentary” show the other day.(VICE). I’ve never hidden my pro-wrestling enjoyment. From fan to ring announcer to television interviewer I’ve mostly enjoyed my involvement. In the Congo, they take it a step further with “Voodoo” or “Catch-Witch” style of wrestling. Blending sci-fi and witchcraft with pro-rasslin’ moves they have created a unique blend of entertainment. Not sure how I would “call” the match, but they do sound better than some of the stuff coming out of then WWE lately. These “wrestlers” call to the “old Gods” and throw curses and spells at their opponents. In some matches, it is the “Christians” against the “witches” and who wins is decided by what the particular slant is of that village, Christian or otherwise.

Depends on the culture: Headline: “Ilhan Omar must get stoned for illegal sex.” Some women feel the same way about legal sex. Some women just like being stoned. Oh, what? Oh, that kind of stoned, with real rocks. Sorry, doesn’t anyone read their own headlines.

Samuel Little
, now being called the most prolific serial killer in America. Over 50 of his 93 “claims” have been verified, and of all things, not once did he use a firearm. Little, a former boxer, says he would punch the victim unconscious, and then strangle them. Maybe we should make that illegal, instead of guns. Oh, it is? Silly me.

Chicago Weekend
: (+1); 16 shot; 4 dead. And the city signed a $4.9 million police misconduct settlement. I don’t know why I keep picking on Chicago, because it’s just so damn easy.

And the friggin’ UPS man still throws the package into the yard because he can’t find the doorbell.

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