Motes Upon A Time

A sad Aloha to funny man Rip Taylor. A throwback to the old days of Johnny Carson talk shows and Ed Sullivan show, Taylor was known for his confetti antics and or course “The $1.98 Beauty Show”. He was silly and sad and funny. He will be missed.

It’s all showmanship:
All these warnings about “The Joker” movie and it’s “backlash”. It’s all showmanship. Back in the 50’s and 60’s the movies would try to outdo each other with this crap. “Warning- This movie is so scary; A doctor will be at the theater during all performances.” Or, “Do not see this movie if you have any history of heart conditions.” “Theater is not responsible if this movie scars you to death.” It’s all for one thing, to put butts in seats for the price of admission.

Stock Tip:If you have any stock that includes “Dick’s Sporting Goods” (an appropriate name) I’d sell it. They don’t care what their stockholders think, they just want to be “correct”. That’s why their CEO is bragging about destroying $5 million dollars of inventory, firearms of a certain description, without consulting any stockholders. I don’t care how big your freakin’ business if, you don’t just dump $5 m in inventory without effecting your bottom line.

Brit Love Letter of the week: “I’m having hot sex with the father of my children, but he won’t leave his wife.”

Something wrong here
: I see these occasional reports, but now it has my attention. There have been 33 racehorses die at the Santa Anita raceway, this year. I will follow on this. This would represent a whole crap load of money since those horses are not on the cheap “nag” end of the spectrum.

Just Saying
: NY wants Trumps tax returns because he may have paid two women not to talk about their affairs with him . Now, as far as I know, paying someone not to talk, sort of a paid non-disclosure agreement, is not illegal. To use it as a pretense is exactly that, a pretense. Maybe I should file an action to see Obama’s tax returns for the last 6 years. See where he, and she, are making the money to buy a $13m estate. After all, he was “broke” coming into the White House. Anyone know a good attorney? Of, what, how about a “bad” attorney. I’m so confused.

On 60 minutes, a conversation with the Texas Ranger who is interviewing Samuel Little, who has confessed to 93 murders. Holy crap. This guy does not fit the “picture” of a serial killer. Heck, he looks like someone’s grandpa.

Not A Word: After Epstein’s “suicide” a lot of people seemed worried about the information he supposedly had hidden. Prediction: nothing will ever come out, they’ve all made “arrangements” ($$$$$).

Well, we’re all saved now. “Alyssa Milano and Rosie O’Donnell Head Impeachment Task Force”. Of course, it will be fair and unbiased.

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