New Week-New Motes

Two plus two equals What?: Seattle schools are now teaching “Math Ethnic Studies”. It appears math is racist, and this class prompts students to ask questions like; “What is my mathematical identity? Or “What does it mean to do math?” No where does it say “How to add.” Or “How to divide.” Yeah, they’re raising a group of Mensa candidates. Or is that racist?

Speaking of racist; When did the “okay” sign with forefinger and thumb making a circle, become a symbol of the “white supremacist”? I’ve been using it for 65 years, and I’ve never…oh, I’m a white racist too? Sorry, I didn’t know.

Rep. Stevens(D-Michigan)
: If you’re going to hold an anti-gun, pro-confiscation rally, a shooting range is probably not your best choice location. Shows poor judgement. Just sayin’.

I did not Know: Kareem Abdul-Jabbar is now writing op-ed articles for “The Hollywood Reporter” and is considered a “contributing editor”. He also writes as a mass shooting expert (the statistics of 334 mass shootings this year are totally made up) and expert on why some people commit horrible acts (It’s not because of movies or music). The one thing he says I do agree with is he has “been a strong supporter of controversial activist strategies over the past 50 years”. “If you’re not part of the solution you are part of the problem.”

If you haven’t seen the PBS Ken Burns special “Country Music”, sit down and do so, it is magnificent. I’ve never hidden my love for country music. In the early 90’s I was a disc jockey at KDEO AM-940 country music radio. Back then, if you wanted to give any background on a song or artist, you had to look it up in one of the 20 or 30 books. This special has all that information and more. This special is truly a history of America from the early 1920’s to now and it is really a wonderful journey. Interviews with artists, narration by Peter Coyote, and it should be seen for all the wonderful pictures and short tv clips, if for no other reason. Sit with you kids and enjoy the education.

Please remember; There is no “green” zone. Only you are responsible for your safety. “They” are not coming.

***Appears I was wrong in Friday motes. Eddie Murphy’s new movie “My Name Is Dolomite’, is getting great reviews. That makes one in a row since 2011, sorry Eddie.****

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