Sunday Rant

For years it was “Kill all the attorneys first”.
I have begun to think we should do away with all the diagnosing psychologists first.
There’s Trump Derangement, Brexit Psychosis, actors have Imposter Syndrome, and there are the new genders that are really some form of mental illness. When I was a kid there was no ADA or ADHD, and white privilege. Now there are the woke, and the snowflakes. It seems like the psychologists can come up with a psychosis, mental illness, or syndrome to cover everyone and rationalize anything they do. Let’s not forget today’s “I’m a victim” attitude. Everyone is “the” victim. In court it’s “My daddy didn’t love me enough and never bought me a teddy bear so I stabbed that guy 37 times but it’s not my fault.” Or it’s caused by someone “bullying” someone about something so they go out and do themselves.
Nobody takes responsibility for their actions because they have a mental illness. Since when is stupid a mental disorder? Maybe it’s the psychologists that are making us all crazy.

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