It’s Friday :) Motes

WTF: In Virginia a police officer has been suspended for running a “want” check on a driver at an accident scene who had no drivers license. He found there was a hold on the driver by ICE, the officer contacted them, detained the driver and then turned the fugitive over the federal authorities. Yes, he was suspended for following federal law. In 2007 the Fairfax County passed a “policy” that prohibits a police office from confirming an individual’s immigration status and detaining them “solely based on civil violations of immigration law”. When I was a police officer, it didn’t matter what the warrant was issued for, if there was a warrant you got arrested and turned over to the proper authority. Now you get suspended. I wouldn’t be a cop now. Period. (Of course, I wouldn’t pass the psyc eval now either. Too cranky.)
***Update: The suspension has been reversed due to public outcry. Bet the “policy” gets changes real soon too.***

What is wrong with people? : A woman at the Bronx Zoo climbs into the lion enclosure and taunts a lion. She posted it on Instagram and appears proud of the act. She doesn’t appear frightened even when the lion gets up a makes a couple of steps toward her. If the lion had attacked, she might have been killed. The problem I have is the lion most certainly would have been “put down” for attacking her. Even though she initiated the whole thing. Wouldn’t that be like self-defense? Or merely editing the gene pool.

Good-bye: Sad to hear of the loss of the U. S. Air Force Academy falcon, Aurora. She was a white phased gyrfalcon, a rare falcon, and served as USAF Academy mascot for 23 years. She was a joy to watch and she will be missed.

Please Say it ain’t true
: Eddie Murphy is “seriously” considering doing “Beverly Hills Cop 4”. Considering BHC3 was done in 1994 (25 years ago). Any cop that far would have retired by now. (Maybe Eddie should do the same.) It seems to me Murphy can’t find anything new to do. He’s already doing “Coming to America 2”, and it seems that nobody wants to write anything featuring a 58-year old funny man (?) that hasn’t done anything, funny or otherwise, since 2011. I suggest he just say no.

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