Day Before Friday Motes

Now we know the truth: Robert Di Niro has told us if Trump is re-elected it will be horrible. We can trust and should listen to him because of his extensive education (he dropped out of school at 16), his outstanding history of public service (he hasn’t done any I can find), and his deep thoughts on politics (which consists of yelling “fucx Trump” over and over and over).

The Hell with due process
: Maxine “Impeach 45” Waters says she wants Trump imprisoned and placed in solitary confinement, not just before he’s convicted, she wants it before he’s even charged. This is from the woman that sponsored a bill to “limit” the use of solitary confinement on criminals. But nothing is too good for Mr. Trump. Ms. Waters “represents” a district with 11.3% unemployment. The national rate is 3.6%. Anyone see a problem? And they keep electing her.

Pot calls kettle delusional
: Hilary condemns backlash against Greta Thornburg by those living in a “fact-free world”. You mean like those people that think you actually won the election?

And they lecture us?: “Harris Campain Raises 11.6 Million Dollars”, yes they did spell campaign incorrectly, in a headline, in a national newservice.

Still appropriate comment: “If God doesn’t judge America. He owes Sodom and Gomorrah an apology.” Rev. Billy Graham

Craigs List: People are still looking for the chair made of human leg bones. It can be identified by a metal plate on one leg. Just now many chairs made of human bones are out there?

Those barriers are there for a reason. Headline: “Man Falls Into geyser in Yellowstone park. Man severely burned after falling into a hot springs near Old Faithful.” It appears he was “just walking around”, in the dark, without a flashlight and tripped and fell in. There may be more involved as park Rangers found the man’s shoe, hat, and a partly consumed can of beer next to where he “fell.” Hummmm.

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