Mid-Week Motes

Follow up: A recent mote commented on the Haitian Senator that likes to shoothis pistol in the air, heedless of where the bullet falls. He managed to wound a television journalist with one of those “in the air” shots. Well another journalist has been shot, by the police, during protests in the Haitian capital. This time it appears to be caused by the general “shoot at the general direction of all those protesters” type police fire. Country has remained in a state of starvation and isolation since the Fall of “Baby Doc Duvalier”. Remind me to tell you about my meeting some of the Ton Ton Macoute.

I’ve said that Australia is the Texas of the rest of the world. Now the Australian police are looking for a “hit and run” driver accused of killing 20 kangaroos’ including at least 2 juvenile Kangaroos called Joey’s, in New South Wales in what authorities are calling “acts of animal cruelty”. The incident included 3 locations so in would appear this was not accidental. Just like Texas, they have their fair share of azzholz.

Just asking for a friend; Ok, is America the only place where we hold off on an execution because the prisoner is sick? We’re going to kill the guy, it doesn’t seem like his being sick should make much difference. Especially when the illness is potentially life threatening. Maybe it’s a “let’s wait until he dies of natural causes, then we won’t be to blame for his death”. sort of thing. Reading the Missouri inmates record, the death penalty is certainly called for, but why keep him alive and suffering? That would seem much crueler than just getting the job done.

Hey New York, fine this; Illegal alien illegal alien illegal alien illegal alien. Send me a bill.

Crime does pay: In New Orleans there are so many people with outstanding warrants, about one in every seven people has one, the DA is considering just dropping all of them; in Los Angeles misdemeanor crimes are no longer investigated; IN Chicago there is so much crime the Mayor is going to “wipe out” all outstanding library fines. There that ought to show those scofflaws.

Brit love line of the week: “My ex-boyfriend who cheated on me with a man ended up being best man at my wedding.” Good thing she didn’t say he ended up being “the” best man. Heh heh heh

Get woke, go nuts:This is one of the worse “woke” things I’ve heard yet; In Edinburgh Scotland, there will be a “Resisting Whiteness” event at the Edinburgh University where white people will be banned from speaking. What’s next, separate drinking fountains? Maybe all whites will need to sit in the back of the bus? How about segregated eating establishments? People, this is no different that the 50’s, only now “you’re” in charge and getting that feeling of power.

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