The First Motes

I Don’t Think That Word Means What You Think I means: Hilary says Trump “obsessed” with her. Funny, she’s the one that keeps coming up with his name all the time. She seems to blame him for everything, except Bill’s philandering. That she blames on the other women. Still, she is so ego-driven she may really think she is important enough to think anyone could be obsessed with her.

Some people are just slow learners: Headline; “Man who survived bison goring goes on date, his date gets attacked by a bison.” Geez, you’d think he’d learn the first time to stay the hell away from the buffalo. They are not domestic animals, just look and don’t touch. But I’ll bet there isn’t a second date.

I didn’t think low enough: A few motes ago I stated that Beto O’Rourke has no shame. I didn’t really understand how low this would be Hispanic phony would go. Well now he’s threatening a kitten if people don’t donate to his campaign. Now this isn’t pistol to the head type of threat, but more like “I’d hate for something to happen to little kitty here” mafia type threat. And this guy wants to be President?

Finally, A Real Award: Al Gore receives for “Top Climate Hypocrite” award. Now here’s one he really deserves. And worked so very hard to achieve. A lifetime of lies finally acknowledged. I was rooting for Leo DeCaprio, but Al really deserves this one.

I really fail to see how berating or belittling the President’s daughter and grandchild will do anything to help America, the world, or anything else. It appears Hollyweird libernutt hypocritter Mark Hamill seems to think it will. So he finds he must make a comment on the child’s costume, remember it’s a way of life for Hamill, as a “storm trooper”. And he has to do it on twitter, which makes him a twit in my book, and really only embarrasses himself. I hate to sound like Sean Hannity, but what if someone had attacked Sasha or Malia Obama this way, what would have happened?

Hell Needs A Special Room: Man fathers 6 children with daughter, and one of her daughters”. The British news will not name this animal. It appears he used a blend of phony mysticism, make-believe witchcraft, and sexual abuse which included letting “other men” have sex with the girls, to keep them in line. Like I said, there needs to be a special room in Hell for “men” like this.

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