Mondaying Motes

So, Mattel is coming out with a “gender neutral” doll. If you look hard enough, Barbie is just Ken with a boob job. I’d say they were already “neutral”. Or have their become more anatomically correct? Just how “correct” are they” Does Ken dress right or left? (Ask your tailor.)

Skydiver collides with semi-truck in fatal jump. Why was that truck doing in the drop zone? Or was the skydiver landing on the highway? Do these people actually read their own headlines?

Always blame someone else: Article in the Chicago Sun Times; Chicago has a gun problem? Yes. Because America has a gun problem. Since the “Sun Times” is “pay for view” on line, I couldn’t read the whole article. My first response is; No. Chicago has a crime problem. Chicago has a gang problem. Chicago has a lot of problems that always seem to be settled with a gun. But that isn’t “America’s” fault. Chicago has more gun involved crime every weekend than some cities have all year. The why is drugs, gangs, and Chicago’s long history of organized (and dis-organized) crime. Somebody’s selling those shooters weapons, and unlike the city mayor, I believe it is the residents of Chicago, that travel elsewhere to purchase, sell or otherwise acquire, the firearms being used. Until Chicago solves “it’s” problems, don’t blame everyone else.

I gotta put this in my comedy act: In England a sicko perv sent unsolicited picture of his genitals to a young woman, Faye Kiney. Now there’s no information why the perv chose this woman but he was surprised when “she” sent a return picture of her package, which apparently is “much larger”. Ms. Kiney refers to herself as “that girl with the big dixx”. You can’t make this up.

Who didn’t see this coming? A police officer in California tried to pull over a vehicle wanted in connection with a crime in San Francisco. The vehicle refused to stop and led the officer in a high-speed pursuit that ended when the officer’s Tesla was almost out of juice. I remember how irritated I got when the officer before me failed to fill-up the patrol vehicle before change over. Now you have to see that it’s fully charged. And a Tesla patrol car? Wow.

At last, some justice
: A guy in Iowa, Carson King, was photographed at a football game holding a sign , saying he needed “beer money”. The result was fans contributed close to 1 million dollars for his “beer money”. He gave the money to a children’s hospital. A local “journalist” then did some digging and exposed some nasty tweets by King from 2012, when he was 16-years-old. In high school. It was basically a hit piece because the guy did a good deed and gained national recognition, and we can’t have the good guys ever win. To wrap this up, the “newspaper” fired the so-called journalist, the editor has done his best to distance his staff from the controversy they started, and nobody has apologized for ruining Carson King’s reputation for crap he did as a teenager. Teenagers are supposed to do stupid stuff, that’s how they become adults. Perhaps the “newspaper” and its “editor” should just get over themselves and join good people to just say,” Good job Carson. We need more people like you.”

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