Sunday Rambling About Hawaii

Here’s your answer: Everyone says, “Oh you live in Hawaii. That must be wonderful.” Well, Yeah it is, to a point. Hawaii is just like every other state, except for the weather. We have over 7 thousand homeless. We have, for a state this size, an enormous drug problem. Violence is on the up-swing and property crimes are out of sight. The cops are so over worked and under staffed they don’t even follow-up on thefts and burglaries. They do have time to raid massage parlors/whorehouses at 9 am to get a fine photo-op for the acting C&C Prosecutor. Really, who goes to a whorehouse at 9am? Oh, and now they are devoting a “great deal” of time to illegal game rooms which are dens of vice and corruption. But’s face it, those running things aren’t exactly lily white, more like an off-beige.
We have an entirely Democrat ruling class. Some of our leaders are classless but all of them continuously and faithfully follow the party line. We have a presidential candidate that is also an acting (and I do mean acting) Congresscritter that is drawing a full paycheck from the people of Hawaii, missing important votes, while searching for another job.
It appears the head of training for the Department of Public Safety (State of Hawaii Sheriff’s and the Adult Corrections Officers) is not only incompetent but has lied about her qualifications. Several months ago, I heard a story about how the firearms instructor’s certifications were found to have been false, but the story seemed to fall off the earth and I couldn’t find any follow-up. Not really surprising where the State of Hawaii (SoH) is concerned. The trainer, J. Matre Martinez had been promoted 3 times in the past 5 years. Everyone seems to be claiming that all the hiring steps were followed, background check, education verified, and prior employment contacted. Despite all that checking and verifying at least 2 colleges she’s claimed degrees from have never heard of her. Having been through a firearms training class or 2 I’d like to see what “instructor” qualifications were claimed. More as this unfolds. Let’s also add the ongoing investigations and trials of the former Chief of Police, the convictions of he and his wife, a former C&C Prosecutor and has her own continuing corruption and drug charges, the investigation and possible impeachment of the elected C&C Prosecutor, and a former Trustee in Office of Hawaiian Affairs being convicted of 47 ethics violations, and you see Honolulu isn’t any different than anywhere else. Just better weather, mostly.

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