Aloha Tiger

Some months ago I posted a story on my long time friend and Brother, Tiger Wong. Over 40 years. It is with immense sorrow I have heard of his passing at 93. A combat veteran, a legendary biker, Tiger was a man in every definition of the word.
It has a said a man’s wealth is measured in his family and friends, Tiger was a wealthy wealthy man. A man’s courage can be measured in his enimies. Tiger was as courageous as they come. ,A man’s heart is measured by how he treats the less fortunate. I once saw Tiger carrying a small disabled child during a “Shriners” run, and his gentleness and care for that unknown ,to him, child, taught me everything I needed to know about Tigers Heart.
Tiger had as many, and probably more, stories as me, and we loved trying to outdo each other. I never had to “let” him win.

So this is via con dios to my Brother Tiger Wong. I know the day will come when we will share another cold beverage on the roadside.ALOHA TIGER. Farewell my friend.

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