End O’ the Week Motes

They want us to snitch: Recently I’ve be hearing radio ads from the Department of Homeland Security touting their “see something, say something” campaign. To me this sounds like Nazi Germany/Communist Russia and the secret police calling on all to turn in their neighbor. Okay, if the guy next door has a meth lab, sits on the porch with a black Isis flag, and is buying nails by the pound and he’s not a carpenter, or maybe the guy down the street asks if you know where to by Det cord, yeah, turn them in. But you know as well as I do there will be a bunch of people that have done nothing except piss off some richardhead down the street with a “Trump 2020 bumper sticker”. So, he calls, anonymously of course because he doesn’t want any reward, he’s just doing his public duty, and reports you doing whatever. Next, you’ve got a swat team taking down your door at 5 am, shooting your dangerous attack dachshund, and you end up with 100’s of thousands of dollars in legal bills to defend yourself, if they don’t just flat out shoot you. This is the same thing that will happen with “red flag” laws. It’s coming if we don’t start standing up. Now.

Teaching What not How: At Syracuse University, in African American Studies, Michael Moore’s scholarly tome “Stupid White Men” is required reading. Moore, a white college drop-out, continues to make un-documentaries (documentaries are supposed to contain facts and truth, something Moore’s movies are very short of), at least one stage play, has published many “books” and has complained and commented on just about everything, usually a complaint. As of yet, I have not heard him express one answer or solution. As they say, if you’re not part of the solution, you are part of the problem.

Lighter side: Amazon announces Samuel L. Jackson will be the new voice of Alex(a). Boy I can hear that one. “Alexa, turn on the television.” (In a deep badazz ghetto voice) “Get up and turn in on yourself you lazy mothxxxxxxer. I ain’t no Alexa and I ain’t your mothxxxxen slave.”

Who’s not working? A recent report showed there were a number of large bee hives in Honolulu’s Iolani Palace. For information purposes, Iolani Palace is the only palace in America to be occupied by Royalty at its actual location. There have been several “palaces” that were dismantled and moved to America, but only Iolani Palace is in the same location as it was when occupied. Anyway, there were 7 large bee hives found in the palace and on the grounds recently. I know those hives don’t just appear overnight. Isn’t there anyone walking the palace during the daylight hours? And nobody noticed bees inside one oh Hawaii’s most magnificent structures? Who wasn’t working?

My point of view: Lots of comments on Stallone’s new Rambo movie. They only comment I have is Stallone was a draft evasion counselor during Viet Nam. He turned down a chance to be part of the National Endowment for the Arts in order to do “more” work concerning issues for veterans, but I can’t find anything he’s done for vet’s except cash in on his make-believe hero. No, I probably won’t watch it.

Inconceivable: How would you like to die, and nobody cares enough that you aren’t found for 2 months? A student in New Zealand died in his residential dorm room and nobody noticed he didn’t go to class, didn’t leave his room, and nobody said anything until they couldn’t stand the smell. Of course, the parents didn’t call or contact their son for 2 months? They weren’t worried? I’d say something smelled, but that would be a low pun.

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