Stuff and Motes

The man who saved the world: Stanislav Petrov. A Russian Lieutenant Colonel in the Soviet Union Air Defense Forces in 1983. What he didn’t do was push the buttons when the computers told him the U.S. had launched missiles toward the U.S.S.R. Mr. Petrov passed away at age 77 in May, without the world ever knowing how the world was saved. Look him up. He was subsequently punished for not responding as the protocols dictated. This is why we need humans in control, not machines.

Farewell Nog: The first Ferengi to join Star Fleet and not follow the “285 Rules of Acquisition”. No, it is actually “Good-bye” to actor Aron Eisenberg who performed as Nog in “Star Trek: Deep Space Nine”. A well respected and highly regarded actor, Eisenberg passed at age 50 due to health issues. It is reported Eisenberg had a second kidney transplant in 2015. God just needed a good trader. Farewell.

No Greta, the adult world has not stolen your dreams and childhood. Those were stolen by your Soros backed handlers, speech writers, and the acting coaches that have pushed you to the front of the world stage. And by your parents that have allowed it to happen. Blame your parents for allowing these people to do this. To them should be the “Shame”. And now they’re talking a Nobel Prize, just like the one given to Obama and Al Gore, and for the same reason. And really what has she accomplished? Nothing.

You can’t make this up: Family adopts Ukrainian 6-year old, only later discover it is an adult crazed dwarf. The mother and father have been arrested for “abandoning” the girl. It is reported that the whole family was in fear for its life when they “abandoned” the girl “Natalia”, after securing her an apartment and paying the lease for a full year ahead and moved to Canada. The adoption was in 2010 and during the years Natalia tried to poison the mother, stashed knives around the house and finally pushed the mother into an electric fence. They had her committed to a state-run mental institution in 2012 and found she was really 22. Kind of don’t blame them for running off. But to be arrested for “abandonment” is just plain wrong.

Once again service members and suicide are inn the news: A total of 5 crew members of the USS George HW Bush have committed suicide in the past 2 years, three in the same week. This comes during what has been called a Nationwide Suicide Epidemic. We’ve all thought about it at least once, hell maybe more than once, maybe even tried, but didn’t complete the cycle. It’s all about depression and the lack of seeing a light at the end of the tunnel. Please, if you ever are in need of someone to communicate with and can’t think of anyone else, drop me line and we’ll figure something out. I’ve been there, almost did that, and will do my best to help you find that light. If you know someone else that needs to talk, be there for them and help them find the light.

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