Middlein’ Motes

Say it ain’t true Cordell: CBS is going to remake “Walker; Texas Ranger” without Chuck Norris. Please, no. There doesn’t appear to be any information on Norris and how he feels about this.

I’m not going to comment about the woman that bit the camel’s testicles. Just too easy.

Also not saying anything about Trudeau and his “blackface” revelations. He’s Canadian and I don’t care.

Just talking: The other day I heard someone ask; “Why do we need gun control when you can buy things like the Anarchist Cookbook and make bombs from your kitchen?” There is an “Urban Legend” that says later copies of “the cookbook” had been altered by the C.I.A., back in the 70’s. The legend says the changes were to the drug and bomb making sections so they would explode or poison the maker during the process. This may have started when later copies had some changes in those procedures. True? I don’t know. But if you buy a copy, find an old one. Just sayin’.

Brit love headline for the week: “I’m cheating on my husband and having hot sex with my neighbor’s teenage son”. Goes on to say she is 39, the son is “a very mature 19”. My, what a pretty little cougar you are.

WTF?: All the Dimocrats are up in arms saying that Trump “possibly”, “maybe”, “might have” threatened to withhold aid money to the Ukraine if they didn’t investigate Joe Biden and his son. We have, in his own recorded words, proof that Biden, while V-P, did threaten to withhold funding if the Ukraine didn’t fire a state Prosecutor. This was a purely personal matter and had nothing to do with relations between the two countries. Biden tells the story as if it were some proof of what a badazz he was as V-P. W T F???

There’s a lot to be said for honesty; A Florida man was arrested on outstanding warrants for exposing himself and masturbating in front of multiple woman. When asked to explain himself, he simply said; “I’m just an asshole. What can I say?” Nothing really, you’ve already said it all.

Another for me not thee: In Haiti things are bad. Food shortages, fuel shortages, and corruption. Gun laws prohibit private ownership of firearms of any kind. Well, except if you’re “somebody”. Recently Senator Jean Marie Ralph Fethiere was recorded getting out of a vehicle and firing a handgun into the air. Shots appear to have injured at least 2 people including a “photojournalist”. That’s one way to break up a protest.

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