Tuesday Moteing Along

Chicago, that toddling town: Chicago police on track to spend $300 million dollars in overtime this year. “Chicago Sun-Times”. The latest figure I could find shows 13,318 officers. That comes out to $22,525 per officer. That’s not a bad bonus.
This weekend in that bastion of well-regulated super tough gun laws: 5 killed; 21 wounded
Also in that Democrat dominated town: An Indian company illegally assisted Indian I.T. graduates to get B1 passports, gave them jobs in the U.S., and then paid them “Indian” wages which would equate to about $7,000 a year. This is “considerably” lower than the state average of $41,000 ,which is what they should have been paid.

to Sid Haig. A long film and television career. Although he was sort of typecast as the bald-headed psycho villain, he was, by all reports, a soft spoken and well-read man. His talent and unique appearance will be missed.

Civility and open dialog
: Mark this in the freedom of speech “as long as you agree with me” section of your program. A clown shuts down Georgetown College Climate event. Literally, a man (?) dressed in a clown outfit and using a bicycle horn prevented conservative speakers from making their statements at this wonderful school of free thought.

That’s why people are moving there: Idaho state legislatures are considering “de-funding” Boise State University due to the schools new president Marlene Tromp’s extreme leftist agenda. This seems to include segregated graduations, special provisions for Muslim students, gender inclusive remodeling of the student union and “special scholarships for illegals”. Hooray for the legislature. Finally, someone got off their collective ass and is saying “NO”.

one man can make a difference. Wearing hazmat suits, respirators, and heavy duty gloves, Conservative activist Scott Presler and 200 volunteers cleaned up a homeless encampment and removed 50 tons of trash from Los Angeles. Presler is from Northern Virginia and he and the volunteers did this all without a dime of city or state funds. How come the city, with millions in taxes marked for infrastructure can’t get anything done?

That’s what they think?: Many college students seem to be under the impression that due to climate change the world is going to end in 12 years. If they “really believe” this is true, why are they still attending classes?

South Africa, the country, this year has suffered 21,000 murders and 45,000 rapes. That’s this year. 56 million people. That’s one murder for every 2,666 people and 1 rape for every 1,266 people. In the U.S. we measure by the hundred thousand. We have a population six times larger, and nowhere near the violence.

Danger is everywhere: You can’t even get your kink on in Kansas City. The shots fired call came out at 3:33 am. Just what happened is unknown, but there were over 40 shell casings from several different weapons recovered at the scene. I wonder how many of the “witness’” were concerned with revealing their identity. Hmmmm.

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