A Dark Commentary

A dark Commentary: A 16-year-old boy was stabbed to death in Long Island NY. This is nothing new. Nor is the fact that literally (yes, I am using the word correctly, unlike most people) dozens of people stood around, watching, and recording the attack. It is a sad comment that none of those recording did anything to stop the attack or assist the wounded boy after the attack stopped. I know of one police officer that came under fire, and after the shooter was down, an E.R. Nurse stood recording instead of helping the wounded officer or shooter. I’ve had death threats, a make-believe bomb thrown in my yard, and people driving by my house very slowly giving me the “stink-eye” as they passed. I still get involved. It used to be that’s what good people did, they helped each other, and that means getting involved. My Hilo neighbors and I watch each other’s homes, and yards. When my neighbor had a problem with some young men breaking into an empty home he was renovating, I was there to provide him back-up. I got involved. “But, they’ll come after me if I help.” Yeah, they might. So what? If you are so afraid of the consequences of your actions, or the threat of someone coming after you or your family just remember you have two choices, stand-up, or slink away. Your choice. I urge you to stand, for yourself and family and neighbors. Get involved. I don’t advocate the “if you see something, say something” platitude. I say; if you see something, DO something. Let’s make it better for everyone.

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