And The Week Motes Move On

No Good Deed: In Louisville, KY. A woman trying to do something nice, attempted to buy meals for a group of homeless. She took them to a nearby Taco Bell which kicked them out, slammed the door in their face, and told them to go away. Not even discussing the bad business model this is, what were the employees afraid of? Work? People? I’d suggest you seek another line of work, you ain’t too good at this one.

Rep. Omar says the U.S. Supreme Court‘s recent decision to uphold the Presidents asylum ban is “morally and legally wrong”. Can someone remind me which law school she graduated from? Where did she get her moral superiority? I don’t think a woman accused of immigration fraud, bigamy, marrying her brother, and campaign finance fraud should be lecturing anyone on morality. Oh, and her B.A. is in political science and “international studies”. No law degree.

Chicago this weekend: 25+ shot 9 killed

Love Headline
: My girlfriend caught me having gay sex with my pal and I fear for his marriage. Buddy, you got more to worry about than his marriage.

No, but yes
: From PJ Media;Trump must punish mullahs severely for attack on Saudi oilfields”. No. No. NO. I agree those responsible for the explosions at the Saudi oilfield should be punished. Whether it was Iran mullahs or whoever. But it should not be the U.S. or President Trump. It was not an attack on out country. We can provide the Saudi’s with intel, satellite images, and more. What we are not required, not should we provide, is any form of actual “punishment”. That is up to the Saudi government.

Kids need time to grow up: Kids should not be worried about what “gender” they are. They should be out having fun and being a “kid”. Instead of being turned into a volleyball for their “parents” to hit back and forth.

Times have changed:Some time ago I lamented about the “Olympic Games”. The games were a non-lethal proving ground for warriors. Now I find out they’re now including skateboarding. I wonder when they’ll start handing out participation medals and stop the gold, silver, and bronze and make them all out of biodegradable dried crap.

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