New Week Motes

A ramble Mote: Back in the 60’s and 70’s there was the “spy” craze, James Bond, Matt Helm, and many others. A British comic strip named “Modesty Blaise” came out and was eventually was turned into several paperback books and in 1966, one very very bad movie. A “camp” comedy with Terrance Stamp and Monica Vitti, it was absolutely horrible Then in 2004 “My Name Is Modesty” came out, which is really a very entertaining movie but went straight to dvd so it wasn’t seen by many. I always thought that Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, when they were together, would have made a wonderful Modesty and Willie. Their “Mr. and Mrs. Smith” was almost there, but not quite. Now, who knows. I would like to see some of those great, for their time, books and stories on the screen.

News you don’t see: In “Old” Mexico there have been as number of recent “killing field” discovery’s. The latest is in Guadalajara where they’ve found 44 body’s, separated into 119 bags, in one such “field”. That equals to 2.7 body part per bag.

With all this gun control clap-trap there is a lot of interest in “red flag” laws or statutes. They want to non-judiciously be able to just come to your house, demand your firearms because somebody reported you a dangerous, and the hell with the consequences. What they don’t want is to add the names of “confirmed” violent gang members. Unless they happen to be “individuals affiliated with white supremacists or known white power movements”. They want to take everyone’s guns, but mostly, it seems, white people’s guns. Hummmmm

Someone asked my opinion of the Immigration situation. We are a country “of laws”. We have laws, covering immigration and everything else, on the books. We need to enforce the laws, all of them, we have now. If you don’t like the law, work to change it, but don’t just stop enforcing it because you don’t agree with it.

On the subject of “law”. A third party, says somebody told them that another somebody, did something to someone else, 35 or 40 years ago. They don’t have any proof, and there’s no evidence, and the party involved says they don’t remember it happened, the other concerned party says it never happened. Now people are crying out to punish the accused, because we must believe. N O. We must give the accused the right of the “presumption of innocence.” You can accuse anyone of anything, but we must believe in their innocence until they are proven guilty by a “preponderance of evidence”. If there is no evidence and only accusations, we must accept the innocence and therefore we cannot demand any punishment. None.

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