Not Sunday School Motes

How long before the NYT blames 9/11 on white Christian male supremacists? I mean they already blame the aircraft; “planes took aim at the World Trade Center”. Next, we’ll be told there were too many white men aboard, the white men took control and the innocent Muslin students tried to save everyone, and finally white supremacists crashed into the Trade Center. I figure 4 years. What’s you guess?

The Senate has just confirmed President Trump’s 150th judicial nominee. Maybe we’ll get some courts that rule by law and not by politic party desire.

Someone is floating the idea of former AG Loretta Lynch will be held responsible for some of the crap that went on during her tenure. I keep saying; NOT A SINGLE DAY.

It is beginning to look more and more like E. Warren will get the nod. I am waiting for the “New Obama” that will be her running mate. I think he will be Hispanic, he will be charismatic, say all the right things, and is the plan for 2024. This election is a throw-away for the Dem party and they know it. Now is the time to plan for the real takeover, and it should be the time to plan against them.

You gotta love Chicago: A former city Alderman, Ed Burke is due to start trail for corruption, while his wife, Anne, has just been named Head of the Illinois Supreme Court. Some say it’s just optics as he is in Federal Court and she runs the state courts. He has been called bold, ruthless, and a brilliant “old school” politician. She is seen as a warm and gracious lady. Unlike our Honolulu power pair, the Kealoha’s, Chicago seems to love theirs. Oh, I know why, Chicago ain’t paying his legal bills.

I can’t tell you who won the Democrat debate the other night, I can tell you who lost: America. And finally, someone says they are coming after your guns. The fact Beto is an idiot, and a fraud, has already been established, but at least, for once in his life, he was honest.
Some of these write themselves: I can’t wait to see a “WWE Super Show” at the “Bang Brothers Arena.”

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