And The Motes Keep Coming

How does a private citizen, with limited funds, start a movement to impeach, recall, arrest, charge, or censure a sitting Representative from another state? Not asking for a friend, asking because I’m tired of the treason and sedition coming out of the mouth of Rashida Tlaib. We do not need a “complete revolution to transform America”. If you don’t like it the way it is, find someplace you do like and go there. I know that’s a tired cliché statement. But Tlaib took an oath to defend and support the Constitution “from all enemies foreign and domestic”. I don’t see where it says “ but only if they don’t agree with you”. Tlaib has broken her oath and disrespected her position, and she should be charged for those offenses.

Love letter of the week: My Husbands Prison Sentence Is Inconveniencing My Life. Well darn

Recently there appears to be a resurgence of the “walk and talk” police tactic in airports, train and bus depots. This is where the officer, who must identify himself as such, walks up to you, starts talking and then asks if there is anything in your luggage and would you mind if he searches it. Of course, then there is the “if you don’t have anything to hide…” comment. Do not get suckered in. First and foremost you Do Not Have To Talk To Him. Your response should be “No, thank you. I’m sure that you realize you lack any probable cause. I do no consent to any search and decline to answer any further question.” Then shut up, ignore him and walk away and do your business. Often these officers are such jerks that even other officers don’t want to work with them, so they get taken off the street and they become these guys. Remember, JUST SAY NO.

Has anyone noticed? The report of the Muslim airplane mechanic that sabotaged the aircraft gauges seemed to have slipped out of the news really quick. I guess it’s not as much of a story as “sharpiegate”.

Years ago there was a great movie staring Viggo Mortenson titled “Hidalgo”. It was presented as the story of Frank T. Hopkins, and a 3,000-mile horse race across the Arab desert. Mostly fiction, the movie was received with mixed reviews and generally considered a “matinée” type movie. Well, truth sometimes is just as exciting. Bob Long, a Boise ID horseman, has just completed and won the “Mongol Derby”. This is a 650-mile horse race that took 9 days and 28 different “borrowed “horses. Long beat 41 other riders to claim the win. Oh, Bob is 70 years old. Read about it in the Spokane “Spokesman-Review”.

On 9/11/01 Alyan Evans was a member of a Search and Rescue K-9 team that traveled to NYC to take part in the rescue and recovery efforts. Unfortunately, her K-9 partner later succumbed to the exposure they both suffered during those tragic days. I have had to opportunity to work with Alyan and have always found her to be strong and competent. I applaud her courage and share her grief.

Earlier I spoke of President Trump awarding heroism medals to several civilians involved in the El Paso shooting. Well, it appears one of the awardees, Chris Grant who was wounded, did not actively try to stop the shooter as he claimed, and in fact had an active arrest warrant out at the time of the ceremony. This should have been caught before this ceremony was held. Yes, I know it was maybe last minute, but it should have been caught. Someone on the Presidents team needs to step up and start doing their job.

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