Middle Week Motes

Makes you curious: (From the Daily Star) Lad, 18, rushed to the hospital “after getting genitals caught is belt sander”. It goes on to say the equipment was removed in the hospital. Was that his equipment, or the sander? Was he sanding naked? If so, why? Did the sander get too close and get caught on his trousers? Or is he that “big”? The article doesn’t have much in the way of information. Maybe it’s better we don’t know.

During the election campaign’s: Would somebody please talk about doing away with the horror that is the TSA (Thugs Standing Around)? Flying between islands is a pagan ritual in which any number of people try to please the gods of the alternate worlds of the federal jobs’ bureaucrats. There have been more TSA agents arrested drunkenness and theft then even with the Air Marshalls. Thank the gods most of TSA is NOT allowed firearms.

I can remember when someone called you a “goat” it did not mean the “Greatest Of All Time.”

If anyone covers it: This will cause a tidal wave of crap: On September 16, Joel Gilbert will screen his documentary “The Trayvon Hoax”. If all the reports I’ve read are accurate, and they usually are, this investigation to the Martin/Zimmerman shooting will cause some people to batten down the hatches, and others to loosen their bowels. It promises to reveal the depth of the political and media misrepresentations and just out and out lies that destroyed more lives than the gunshots ever could. Me, I’m looking forward to it. The MSM, not so much.

Brit love line
: “Sex is better with my husband’s brother”

Maybe it really is yours: A while back I talked about the Denver diner owner that could not sell his property because someone else wanted it declared of “historic, architectural, and cultural” value and prevented (read crushed) the sale. The “preservationists” have withdrawn their filing and now a City Council member is trying to work some changes to the statutes so that the owners have a bigger say in these types of cases. For once, the little guy seems to have won.

Hats off: To the 82-year-old burglar in NYC. He would drive up from Florida during the winter, scout and case up-scale apartments whose owners had fled to Florida, and then break-in. Cops think he was good for over $400K in 10 years and around $100K this year. Glad to see someone didn’t let retirement prevent them from staying busy.

Headline screams:
France Heatwave leaves nearly 1,500 dead, health Minister says.” We must take action against the cause of this heat. It’s for the children. Time for reasonable…it’s from the Sun? Never mind.

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