Motes On A Fence Post *

*If you see a turtle on a fence post, he didn’t get there by himself.*

CDC recommends people stop vaping after third death. Hey, I recommend you stop after your first death. That’s just me.

A North Carolina “English” “teacher” issued “her” students a work sheet titled “Diversity Inventory”. And then began an in-class exercise requiring high school students to categorize their family, friends, and themselves into several different groups. When questioned about student concerns the “teacher” told them it was okay because “she”, “used to be Catholic and is now a bi-sexual atheist”. This “teacher” had started the same exercise during a term last year and was told to stop. This is an “English” class? You now see why I put quotes around several words here that normally wouldn’t have quotes. This crap is pervasive in our schools. Something is freakin’ wrong. Ok, there is a LOT wrong. This person should not be teaching dog school, let alone our children. I don’t care what she “used” to be, now she should be unemployed.

Want to read something scathing? Check out “TheLawdogFiles.blogspot” (9/6) and his remarks on the passing of Robert Mugabe. Wow

Just to kind of re-enforce some earlier comments
: A High School in Alabama has removed the stall doors the bathrooms to keep the students from “vaping”. The school has specific rules about not allowing vape units on school grounds and not vaping on school property. Yet these rules are so ignored the school has decided to violate everyone’s privacy, in the bathroom, to combat the problem. Two comments; 1) Enforce all the rules with stiff punishments. I don’t care if the valedictorian selects gets caught vaping, they get suspend or whatever just like everyone else, every time. Rules mean nothing without enforcement. I don’t care if the graduating class is down to one nerd and the prom queen, so be it. 2) Remember, the Democrat party wants to give these kids the right to vote.

They Make It Up:
From the Washington Post, “Americans from both parties overwhelmingly support ‘red flag’ laws, poll shows”. Hose Pucky. You all know how I feel about “polls”. But this is just made up crap. Oh, it’s from The Washington Post, what did I expect.

Chicago tally for weekend
: 34 shot 6 dead

Anybody see this coming: (Man dressed as) Elmo accused of groping young girl in Times Square. Never trust a red fuzzy.

Something everyone seemed to miss: On Monday President rump presented awards to 6 police officers and 5 civilians for their heroism and bravery during the recent Dayton and El Paso shootings, The LEO’s put a stop to the shooting within 1 minute, while the El Paso civilians helped those wounded, attempted to stop the shooter, and tried to protect those in the line of fire. One of the recipients suffered 2 gunshot wounds himself. These are the people that represent my America.

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