It’s Monday Motes

You gotta love people who make all kinds of promises for “after I am elected”, knowing they don’t have a snowball chance in hell of being elected. That way they can never be attacked for not keeping their promises. Case in point; Warren promises that when she becomes president, she’ll demand a ban on bump stocks because “it’s something we can do to limit gun violence”. Only problem is they were banned 5 months ago.

Everybody gets so excited about the Florida guy parking his electric car in the kitchen. I’ve seen many a Harley parked in the kitchen or living room. Know a couple of guys that built special ramps to roll their bike into the apartment. Nothing new here.

The Bahama’s are being described as panic, pillaging, and looting. Handgun ownership is completely prohibited for all nationals and subjects, unless a LEO or Government official, and rifle and shotgun ownership is limited to a “chosen few”. Where have we heard this before?

Good news, Fort Collins, CO has removed the “nipple ban”. It is expected to be removed from the statute language about September 17, just in time for winter. Any woman that wants to go topless in the Colorado winter is now legal. Not too smart, but legal.

Please read “American Thinker”, Sept. 6, “Obama’s try to muscle little company into handing over it’s trademark to them”. By Monica Showalter. A real eye opening story on just how the two Obama’s work. “Do you know who I am?” kind of stuff.

Yes, lets do away with ICE: What is not being reported is when Customs and Immigration conducted their raids during August, they arrested 39 individuals, living mostly in “sanctuary” cities, that were wanted for “war crimes” and “human rights” violations. At least 16 of these persons were in the U.S. illegally, all were wanted by their country of origin for crimes like chopping off hands, burning whole villages, and equally depraved actions. Yes Beto, that’s why we sent 600 agents nationwide. Perhaps you should care more about America, and a lot less about…oh hell, Beto shut up. Period.

About all the scientists and their search for the Loch Ness “Monster”. Can’t they just leave her alone? Please?

Happy to see the 5-year-old boy that was thrown from the balcony of the Mall of America in April is out of the hospital and “back at home”. Of course he still has a long road with rehab and probably future surgeries, but he is back with his family. The pos that threw him has been sentenced to 19 years in prison. I’m betting he does less that 7. This is a guy who told police investigators he went to the mall specifically to kill someone. And when he couldn’t get up the cojones to do an adult, he grabbed a 5-yer-old and threw him off the third floor. Now he wants to appeal his sentence as his mother claims he has been mentally ill since childhood. I have my own opinions as to what his “sentence” should be, but we all know I’m bloodthirsty.

Have you ever considered; the reason Earth doesn’t get visitors from outer space is, they’ve already been here and put Earth on a giant inter-galactic “Off Limits” list? Just sayin’.

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