Movie Motes

Haven’t done any movie reviews in a while so here’s a couple.
Avengers: Endgame
To be truthfull, I was disappointed šŸ˜ž. While fulfilling the MCU storyline, I somehow expected something different. Doubt I’ll watch more than twice.

Never Grow Old
How many really bad movies has John Cusak made? Well, I guess lots. But this isn’t one of them. An American, Irish, French production of a western, this was actually a riveting movie that made me pay attention and think.The acting of Emile Hirsch in the lead role was excellent and Cusak was as good as the antagonist. I love western s and will watch this again.

A fair drunken Friday night movie. Nazi’s, WWII, and Undead. No will not watch again.

Amazon Prime : Carnival Row
Outstanding series. I binged the first season in two days and really look forward to it continueing. Orlando Bloom is wonderful and Cara Delevingne is just incredible, and drop dead gorgeous. The story of man and fae trying to exist together is not new, but this well written and superbly acted series does a really good job. I will continue watching.

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