Motes Upon The Tide

I considered “selling” my weapons “back “to the government, but after a background check and a thorough investigation of the buyer, I determined the buyer has a history of violence and is mentally unstable. Big risk to everyone. (Justin Maloney via Instapundit)

Really excited to see/hear the conversation between Ted Cruz and Abysmal Milano. This should be good. A never was star/activist versus a person of intellect and not a twitter scholar. But she has proven herself to be a hypocrite on more than one occasion and on more than one subject. Her problem, Cruz won’t let her get away with it and he won’t resort to name calling and mis-facts. She’s toast.

From Spain
: “Trans-Feminist Vegan Group Releases a Pro-Chicken Video Where Hens Are Separated By Roosters Who Rape Them Without Consent”. (Gateway Pundit) I don’t know how to categorize these crack-pots. They just have too much time, and not enough common sense. The inmates are running the asylum.

What we have seen, is the death of reality. In today’s world the “facts” don’t matter, what does matter is “your truth”.

I just read a “story”, actually twitter posts, from a “liberal” who has decided not to wait for the red flag laws. He simply called Child Protective Services and reported he suspected his neighbor of abusing his own pre-teen daughter. Within hours the was a raid, an arrest, a child taken into custody, a life destroyed, and a gleeful follow-up post. What did the “neighbor” do you ask? His heinous crime? He had a “Trump 2020” sticker on his vehicle. The words “child abuse” get more action than “a man with a gun”. It is harder to defend against. And very seldom verified before the raid. I really don’t know how to defend against this kind of misuse of the legal system. It’s too late for this “neighbor” but always remember “opsec”. Any ideas?

If you are the “quality control” on a job site, and you are parked under the “No Parking” sign, how seriously do you take your job? Think about it.

Local Headlines; (Submitted without comment) Push to impeach Kaneshiro (C&C Honolulu Prosecutor) continues as he collects tax-payer salary while on leave; Death Row exoneree arrested in connection with robbery; State, not protesters, could face fines for unpermitted structure at Mauna Kea (scene of active protest); and Rail spokesman pleads guilty to conspiracy charge linked to his time at union. These are for my mainland readers interested in how “Paradise” is doing. Now you know, no better than everyone else. But at least we didn’t have 52 people shot during Labor Day.

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