Merrily We Mote Along

If any of my vegan neighbors were offended by the smell of cooking meat over the Labor Day weekend, it wasn’t me. I am the most bar-b-que-ickly challenged white man on the face of the earth. I don’t bar-b-que. Ever. Take it up with the other guy. Or, get over yourself.

Have you ever had that little devil sitting on your shoulder? Did yours ever say “WTF are you thinking?”

They demand?: Thousands of African migrants in a southern Mexican city reportedly formed an official organization, criticizing their treatment by immigration authorities and demanding passage into the United States. The Assembly of African Migrants — a confederation of about 3,000 people from various African countries launched in the past week, according to La Jornada, citing assembly leaders. The group issued its first press release Thursday, describing their demands. Which, I assume, include coming to America and getting everything free.

I’m thinking about buying a couple dozen blank red hats, just to see how many people I can trigger so they fall down and curl up into little tiny fetal balls.Just ‘cause I can.

When the hell did something like “Drag Queen Story Hours” become normal and a “cause”? Simple idea, you don’t want your kids subjected to this, don’t drop them off at the library while you do whatever. If it’s in school, get new administrators. Vote ‘em out. Make your voices be heard. They will call you bigot, racist, homophobic and even worse. If they continue, now we protest, like they do. Exactly like they do.

Weirder and weirder and weirder: A Catholic school in Nashville TN has removed all the “Harry Potter” books because the spells can be used to call up evil. Farther Reehil has ruled that the spells and curses contained in the seven books are real and risk “conjuring up evil spirits”.

San Francisco has declared the NRA a “domestic terrorist organization.
California now says it’s ok to not a help a police officer if you don’t want to, in fact a new bill says an individual can “refuse” to aid a police officer, even when such aid is requested. The reason given for this repeal is the law “requiring” aid was intended to help capture runaway slaves. Since slavery was abolished by the 13th Amendment in 1865, and California was a “free state” as of 1850 I believe this is a large load of horse pucky.

Candidate for President Joe Biden wants everyone to know “The Details Are Irrelevant In Terms Of Decision Making”. I’ve always been told the more details you have, the better decision you can make. But Joe believes, we should also believe the truth and not the facts. Or whatever.

So let me get this straight, If I am straight, and don’t hide that fact, per AOC I am also a “white supremacist”? You know, if they keep telling us we are “ws” not matter what we do, there will come a time when some people say, “What the hell. If they keep calling me that, I may as well act like that.” And then people will really get hurt. Please stop the name calling. Just because my view differs from yours, that doesn’t make me this or you that. It makes us humans.

Sorry for all the bold print, something in my system but I’m working on it.

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