Itttt’s Mote Time

(Just imagine the title being delivered in a big deep Michael Buffer voice.)

The Hollyweird critters seemed to go nuts the past few days. Will and Grace “stars” Erik McCormick and Debra Messing believe they really are relevant and “demand” the names of all California Trump contributors be published for all to see. Well, ok. I demand to see your tax returns for the past 5 years,. For both of you. No? Personal information? I don’t care, it’s my right to know. It isn’t? Racist .

Also at it were Abysmal Milano and Bette Midler. Both challenged Texas Rep Ted Cruz. In both incidents they made tweets, Cruz responded with calm clear language. He made his points, and gave his reasons, in clear and respectful language. No personal attacks or insults. Milano’s response? No rebuttal, no facts or silly stuff, she just calls for a “debate” to expose “his” bullshit. Oh sweetie, there’s plenty of BS involved, just not his.

Cruz was also lambasted by the Mayor of Chicago for mentioning “gun violence” (41 shot, 8 killed). The mayor claims the “majority” of seized firearms in Chicago “come from out from outside and from states dominated by coward republicans who refuse common sense gun legislation”. We’ll skip the name calling again and look at her claim. Yes, the majority of firearms are from other states, actually 9 other states account for 59.6% of seized firearms in Chicago. The other 40.4% come from Illinois. So yes, her claim is accurate, but very disingenuous.

Protesters disrupt the straight pride parade: Why the hell does anybody have a problem with this? You don’t like straight people, don’t go to the parade. Seems pretty simple to me.

It’s all fake news: “Kim Kardashin spends Labor Day studying for law school.” Yeah, sure.

Jane Fonda is “scared for our democracy”. So scared, she is out knocking on doors and talking with voters about defeating Donald Trump in the up-coming election. Excuse me, isn’t she the one who stated, “Yes I’m a communist. And if you understood communism the way I do, you’d be a communist to.” Wasn’t that her? Or was that the “other” Jane Fonda?

The blood is barely dry on the pavement and “Beto” is selling t-shirts. Has this man no shame? Well, no he doesn’t.

Robot “pole dancers” debut at French nightclub. Have you ever seen the local pole dancers? The only difference between them and a robot is the robot has more personality. Last time I went to a “strip” club, I left more depressed

than when I went in.

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