Back To Work Motes

Overheard during a Labor Day beer run;
Her: Hey, Nice bike.
Him: Yeah she’s a beauty, 2005 Harley Davidson Wide Glide, 5-speed, 88 cubic inches, black pearl custom paint.(Now reverting to a typical biker ) Nice tits.
Her: Thank you, yes they are. Doctor Schlesinger, 2018, 36D.
Him: (mouth open but no noise coming out as she walks away.)

Not Recommended
: Have you seen the video of the St. Louis bar patron who doesn’t seem to care about the place being robbed? He just sits there, ignores the armed robber demanding his wallet and phone. Ignores him to the point he, the patron, appears to take his time while lighting a smoke. According to reports, the robbers left with everything, except this guys stuff. This is a very cool response, but not recommended. Sometimes they’ll shoot you just to make an example. Maybe that’s what he wanted? Well, they do keep telling us drinking will kill you.

I mentioned this earlier: Ring, the Amazon doorbell-camera “security system, has now “partnered with over 400 police departments.” Opponents say; “It is essentially a widespread CCTV network in which police and Amazon have access to cameras across the city on everybody’s front door.” Proponents say the usual “If you have nothing to hide…” Screw ‘em. Don’t get one.

Local Headline: “Honolulu Hale (City Hall) To Be Illuminated in purple to raise awareness about drug abuse”. Trust me, I don’t know of anybody in the State that isn’t aware of our huge drug abuse problem. And if they’ve turned purple, you’re too late.

In the United States we have more registered vehicles (263.6 million) than we do registered voters (153.07 million). Not too sure how many vehicle have jumped the boarders.

How come no one is ever called a “Black Supremacist”? Asking for a friend.

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