Updated Motes

They’re on the ropes and ready for a ten count: “Chinese State Media Cites Taylor Swift In Attack On Donald Trump.” 1-2-3-

I’ll Check On It: Current meme; “Leaving Costco requires more documentation than voting in California or New York.” I’ll get back to you.

Here’s one I never thought I’d see: “Maximum Performance Manscaping Tools”. I have no idea where to go with this.

A male House Democrat staffer was booted from a Congressional trip to Reno, Nevada after he aggressively harassed and bullied a female Department of Interior employee. Kiefhaber insisted Amanda Kaster, BLM (Bureau of Land Management) acting chief of staff be removed from the meeting because he didn’t recognize her and believed she did not belong there. Keifhaber became so hostile that he was kicked out of the Congressional trip on the first day. “There was no bullying or harassment and the only apology that is owed is by Secretary Bernhardt( Deputy Secretary of the Interior -R) and his staff for again trampling on the Constitution’s separation of powers,” said. Comms Director for the House Appropriations committee Evan Hollander. Let me see if I got this right. A Democrat staff member, decides he doesn’t want the acting chief of staff at his meeting, throws a hissy fit, and we’re told the Dep. Sec. of the Interior owes somebody an apology for doing his job. All I can say is …”HUH ??”

Is there any reason that the new God of Thunder can’t be a girl and still like guy’s? She doesn’t have to be gay. Once we get over that whole 1600 years of Norse male mythology, we can do anything. Well, No.

Good on Comedian Dave Chappelle for fighting against the “alphabet community” and the “cancel culture”. If you’re canceled because you’re a lousy actor or a not funny comic, I got no problem. Hell, on a good night I’m only barely funny, but if it’s because something you say offends someone in the “protected class”, the hell with them.

Death row inmate who raped, killed and dismembered teen and who fatally beat 80-year-old woman wants a stay of execution. Wesley Ira Purkey was sentenced to death for the 1998 killing of 16-year-old Jennifer Long after picking her up in Kansas City, Missouri. Purkey raped Long, stabbed her repeatedly and used a chainsaw to cut her body into pieces. He burned her remains in a fireplace and then dumped her ashes 200 miles away in a septic pond in Clearwater, southwest of Wichita.The Kansas City Star reports the defense argued that his trial lawyer failed to investigate his traumatic childhood, which included sexual abuse by alcoholic family members and a Catholic priest. And he never had a teddy bear, or rollerskates… bull crap. He pled guilty to this and the other murder, there is no doubt he did it. He just wants to live the rest of his life in prison. I’m sure Ms. Long would have liked to live her life out as well, but he took that choice away from her. He’s had 20 years she didn’t get, time to answer for it. My opinion and only my opinion.

Even Drug Dealers Have Gotten Woke: A South Carolina man told cops that he was “forced to walk around naked by his drug dealer” as punishment for an unpaid narcotics tab. Around 7:30 PM Saturday, a Myrtle Beach Police Department officer was flagged down by a witness “in reference to a male walking down the road naked.” In short order, the patrolman encountered David Sheppard, 42, in the altogether. Sheppard, pictured above, explained that he owed his drug dealer about $350. And that the pusher told him he needed to be embarrassed. Hell, I know of some cases where that debt would get something, like a finger or leg, broken. Even the damn drug dealers are turning into whimps.

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