Mid-week Mote-a-thon

Hummm: For the past couple of weeks there has been a “reward” ad on Craig’s List. A lost dog? No. A missing bird? No. It’s a lost chair, “made from human leg bones”. ? ? “Can be identified by metal tag”. Excuse me, are there so many lost human leg bone chairs you need a metal tag to identify it?

Update: A while I talked about how my bodyguard can beat you up if you don’t have security. Seems CNN’s April Ryan has thrown her bodyguard under the bus by saying he “over reacted” when forcibly removing a reporter during Ryan’s “speech”. Unfortunately, the video recording shows the guard speaking to her and she nods “yes” before the confrontation. The 1st. Amendment only applies to the chosen ones.

Speaking of CNN,
disgraced FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe has been hired as a “commentator”. Notice it is not as a journalist. Even journalists have some standards.

Been watching HBO’s “The Boys”. Holy crap those are some rotten super “Hero’s”. Wow.

Once again I say; You can’t “buy back” something you never owned. Call it what it really is, confiscation without compensation. And not one of my “representatives” represents me. I think they just mostly resent me and those who agree with me. Not the same thing.

And they are still dead: Monday, Harris County Texas District Attorney announced that Gerald Goines, the narcotics office who instigated the disastrous January drug raid that killed a middle-aged couple, has been charged with 2 counts of felony murder. He falsified the search warrant. Now the county will have to look at every case this pos ever touched. I wonder if they will be as quick to identify anyone that is doing time because of his false warrants and testimony. This is what will also happen with “red Flag” laws.

Not sure how I feel: It appears that Tulsi Gabbard has been given the “Hilary” treatment by her own party. She has been put out of the next debates by the continuous altering the rules. They didn’t even have to use “super delegates”. I’m not a fan of hers. I’m not a fan of the Democrat party. But you have to think, if they are willing to screw the members of their own party, what do you think they’ll do to you?

Michael Mann says the NFLwon’t exist” after 2050. Ok, but I thought the world will end in 12 years due to climate change. Hey Michael, which way is it?

It’s science so it’s settled: Study says people who “drink alcohol and coffee live longer.” It’s science. Can’t argue.

How hot is it?

It’s really hot. How hot ? Check the prices.

One thought on “Mid-week Mote-a-thon

  1. I just want to see justice for the democrats. I don’t think it will happen, but I’d love to see their corruption out in the open with some indictments. Just saying.

    Have a fabulous day. 🙂


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