Sailing Along Motes

Harley Davidson has introduced the new line of electric bicycles. I told you H-D was doomed.

They just can’t help themselves: On twitter, “liberals are celebrating the death of David Koch” (79). But we need more civil discourse.” Just like they can’t help dancing in the blood of shooting victims for gun control, well unless it’s the weekend shootings in Chicago.

Just A Story:
Several years ago I experienced a problem with AMEX. And every time I spoke to “customer service” something would trip and my bill would double. Literally! I went from 3 thousand something to almost 30 thousand in a matter of 3 weeks. This was before the days of e-mail and text. What did I do? I did a little investigating and found the names and business address’ of the AMEX CEO, CFO, Deputy For Customer Relations, and 2 or 3 of the “senior” board members. I typed out a very respectful letter explaining what was happening and asking for help. I then mailed a letter to each individual, personally signed receipt requested, and off they went. I figured 6 to 10 days before they were read and there was a response. Seven days later I received a personal phone call from the CEO’s senior assistant asking how he (they) could fix my problem. In a matter of a few days the account was made right, all of the penalties were dropped, and most of the interest was removed. It was a matter of inter-personal communications. Not internet communication. Sometimes the “old way” is still the “best way”.

: In the names of all the God’s would a 53 year-old man ask a 74 year-old to castrate him? Especially since the older man was NOT a doctor, he was a “castration fetish” fan. “It had not gone as planned” as the police and EMT’s had to get the victim to a hospital to undergo “life saving measures”. Ya think? The “cutter” also confessed to doing a similar operation years before, with the same results. Why? Why? Why? Oh, and they recorded the whole thing. And it was in …Florida

Also, in Florida, it appears the “gators”, the four-legged reptiles not the college players, have learned to literally climb fences. A recording of a beast, somewhere in the 6 to 8 length range, climbing the fence into a US Air Force base is all over the net. A base representative has comments, “We have several (alligators) on base and they do not respect our security measures.” I hope he was being a smartazz and not really speaking for base security.

Chicago 14 shot, 3 dead. Anyone notice it has gone down every week since I started reporting it? I’m not a reporter so I will not take the credit, but I’m glad to see something is making them kill less of each other.

Sorry I missed it: The 13th Annual World Gravy Wrestling Championships at the “Rose ‘n’ Bowl” pub in Rossendale, Lancashire UK. With points being given out for fancy dress, comedy effect and entertainment value, it appears this is a fund-raising event for numerous local charities. Sounds like fun. Remember, I was the referee, announcer, and trainer for Honolulu’s first women’s “professional jello wrestling team”.

Headline : “Police say QuikTrip security guard shoots man in self-defense after nearly being hit with didgeridoo.” Now the headline itself is not all that unordinary, but the whole took place in Tulsa, Oklahoma does make it a little “different”. I mean, just how many didgeridoo’s can there be in Oklahoma?

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