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Tips ( Pay special attention to #’s 3, 7, 12, 16,18, and especially 20.)
Posted by Recce Rifleman
For when things get weird. Enjoy.
1. It’s more important to not get shot than it is to shoot the bad guy.
2. Distance is your friend. Applies to knives and guns.
3. There will probably be more people around you don’t want to shoot than people you do.
4. Move your ass. Get to cover or some place where you’re not getting shot at.
5. If the worse happens, stay in the fight. Always stay in the fight. Your mindset is your most powerful tool.
6. Take out the guy on the belt-fed first, then the guy on the radio. Prioritize the threat.
7. Don’t risk your life over property. Lawyer fees are expensive. Property can be replaced.
8. Incoming rounds have the right-of-way, always be moving towards cover.
9. If you look like prey, predators will target you. Don’t look like food.
10. Buckshot bounces around inside a vehicle and makes a mess of the interior.
11. Criminals seldom advertise their intent. Watch for target glances and other pre-assualt cues. Watch hands and waists.
12. Every asshole has an asshole buddy nearby. This is why we scan.
13. Anyone worth shooting is worth shooting alot. “Until they change shape or burst into flames.”
14. When giving instructions to your loved ones, use simple words and phrases. People can’t think under stress. Dumb everything down.
15. Bad things happen fast. Your response might determine the outcome. This is why we train.
16. Murphy is a motherfucker. Keep your options open and stay cool.
17. When being safe is no longer an option, be dangerous.
18. If you find yourself in fair fight, your tactics suck.
19. Imagine the person you want showing up at your emergency to rescue you and train to be that person.
20. No one is coming to save you.
Stay safe……

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