Motes That Make You Go Hummmmm

What is it with Nigerian men and internet romance scams? Hell, what is it with internet romance? And why the hell does anybody send money to someone they’ve never met? Are people really that lonely? I guess the answer is yes, people are that lonely. And that is really really sad.

Things I Didn’t Know: I knew that Kerry Von Erich’s daughter Lacey had entered the professional wrestling business but I have learned that Kerry’s 2 sons Marshall and Ross have also been wrestling and are competing. I mentioned the Von Erich’s and my connection a while back. I say Good On them. I hope they all have long glorious careers and lives. They deserve it. And to Kerry, Well Done.

The six sexy seniors arrested for sex in the park. Now you know I couldn’t leave this one alone. The main problem was they were in public not that they were having sex. At that age I gotta say, Good for all of you.

Remember the guy that got 21 felonies in 3 hours? Well, Hawaii tried it’s “best” to beat that. A 38-year-old Big Island man has been charged with 39“felonies” but it took him 6 hours. Burglary, felon in possession of a firearm, armed robbery, auto theft, attempted assault with a weapon and so on. Still waiting for Florida man to step up.

Why yes, I do have a supply of “tactical bacon”. Why do you ask?

Why does the NFL have a “Social Justice Committee? What does that have to do with the “sport” of football? Is football still a “sport” or simply a podium for lecture’s with commercials?

Now that San Francisco says you’re not a convicted felon but a “Justice-Involved” individual, does that mean you can answer “no” to that pesky “have you ever been convicted of a felony crime” question ?

How can people like the Obama’s lecture us on the climate change, and then turn around and buy a 14 million dollar “beach-side” estate, with 7 bedrooms, 2 guest “wings” and all the other stuff? Because, you know, the sea level is going to rise and cover it all in 12-35 years. Oh Oh let me guess…what is hypocrisy?

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