Good Lookin’ Saturday Motes

Take a good look at the complainer: An immigrant to England, a single mother with four children and no apparent husband, who has been in England for 22 years and appears to never had a job, complains about getting free housing. She is so unhappy she has contacted multiple news agencies and has given numerous interviews about how the converted shipping container home is “a place for animals-Not human being’s”. Personally, I think she’s right, and is in the right place. But that’s just my opinion.

They (the squad) says America should never be involved in another country’s government. But are so offended when a country (Israel) enforce’ s its own laws and says they (the squad) won’t be allowed into the country. They want the U.S. to demand Israel change its laws to accommodate them. Hey kids, you can’t have it both ways. No matter how stupid you are.

Beware of Gas Station sex pills: They may make you test positive for PED (performance enhancing drugs) So say a number of Major League Baseball players. Right. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Hey, congratulations to Larry Correia and Sarah Hoyt on the new Monster Hunter International: Guardian. If you like guns, monsters, sexy intelligent women, and a rousing good story, pick it up. I have everything in the MHI universe as well as most of Correia’s other works. I’ve read them all, some several times, and they are always enjoyable. Caution, some are “no stop’s” when you start reading. I’ve had several cause me to not get to sleep on time, or until I finished. Just warning ya.

Headline of U.S.A.Today , on Friday, was about the NYT attempt to rewrite history with the “1619” project. I didn’t read it mas I would only put me in a foul mood for the rest of the day. I am working hard on : “Don’t let your bad day be someone else’s bad day; Don’t play anger tag”.

Just a short note:
I have no knowledge of any of Hilary or Bill Clinton’s doings, and I am not suicidal.

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