He’s Baaacck Motes

Elect a woman if you don’t want to worry about character: MSNBC ‘s Kasie Hunt says, “ If voters want character in politicians elect a woman”. Oh course, there are no women governors, senators, representatives, alderwomen, county clerks, mayors or chiefs of police being charged, dismissed or sued for malfeasance, theft, fraud, sexual assault, harassment or other violations of law anywhere.

This was once a magazine worth reading: Newsweek; “Time to rethink taboo on cannibalism.” While not exactly recommending it, the article was mostly positive, said people would be able to get over their revulsion of eating human flesh and appeared based on the writing of 2 psychologists Jared Piazza and Neil McLatchie of Lancaster University. Let me think about this. Ahh, no. Not going to happen. I’ll (shudder) become a vegan first.

Finally, something done
: A (U.S) Pan American Games fencer receives punishment for kneeling during National Anthem at the medal award ceremony. You are on the U.S. team, you represent the U.S., you don’t air your feelings then. You want to do it at home, I’ll support your right to do so. He has received a letter placing him on 12 month probation. The “IOC rules” forbid political protest during the Olympic games and all athletes sign an acknowledgement form before competing. They know the rules. As it should, if you break the rules, don’t gripe about the punishment. Take PERSONAL RESPONSIBILTY.

Who the hell is Hasan Piker? And what gives him the privilege to badmouth a sitting U.S. Representative Dan Crenshaw and his military service. Don’t say, “The first amendment” says he can do so. Piker claims to be a “journalist, producer, activist, and political commentator”. He can comment on politics’s all he wants but he does not have the right to make vulgar and derisive comments, make obscene claims regarding someone’s bravery and cast personal aspersions. Like I said, let’s bring back Dueling. Then a-holes like this would have to back up their verbal crapping. I think his name Piker, says it all.

We’ve all wanted to: “Defendant sucker-punches his attorney in Arizona courtroom”. This was during jury selection, the guy hadn’t even been found guilty, yet. The puncher did not give any reason for the assault.

Great article in Honolulu Civil Beat; “Introducing the denizens of the political zoo.” If you can’t name every “denizen” author Lloyd Lim describes, you’re not paying attention. This should be mandatory reading before anyone votes for anyone or anything.

Why hasn’t Dancing With The Stars had a same-sex pair of contestants. Or an trans-sexual partner with a professional ? Just asking, Tom.

In the new “Scholastic” new school book catalog , for grades 3 to 6, on the first page, are listed books about; A Pakistani girl who’s mosque in Milwaukee is vandalized in a “hate crime”, a book about a girl who discovers her Dad is secretly “dating” her best friend’s Mom, a middle-school girl is finding she is “attracted” to another girl, and a “graphic novel” (comic book) about the plight of Syrian refugee’s. Not really sure that these are ages 8 to 12 appropriate, but this is the drivel being peddled as “education”. Ok, I am really sure this is NOT what I’d have my children reading.

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