Let’s Get These Motes Started

Brit Romance headline: “My Boyfriend is too fat to make love to me, so I found a young fit lover instead.” Boy, and they get so nasty when we men do it.

Really?: Danny Garcia, in an op-ed for the Hawaii Civil Beat is promoting the idea “ a guaranteed income is one idea to keep Hawaii from destitution”. So is working for a living. So is rewarding those that do work, and not rewarding those that don’t. Just who is going to pay for that guaranteed income? He gives the example of Alaska Permanent Fund dividend payments. Those payments come from the oil and gas sales. Something Hawaii does not have. He says Hawaii could do the same thing with money collected from tourism or “other industries”. The only income the State of Hawaii has is TAXES. Tourism is already taxed to death. We have no “other industries”. Folks, the ONLY income the state has, is your taxes. Or simply, YOU.

Congratulations to Dwayne “The Rock” and Lauren on their wedding. I hope they have a great life together.

Speaking of a good life
: Alyssa Milano says she wouldn’t have the great career she has if she hadn’t gotten 2 abortions in the 90’s. Yep, kill the baby because it’s inconvenient. And let’s face it, you were at your peak then. Everybody remembers your great acting back then.Don’t they?

Chicago Weekend: 3 dead 24 shot. Good job Chicago, this is the lowest I’ve seen in a while.

Well, Spike Lee has announced there is “not even a question” that Trump is a racist. That settle’s it. Spike Lee is an idiot. And a racist. (Yes, I went there)

And speaking of idiots: Bette Midler, who has the intellectual depth of a cupcake, seems to think she’s some kind of Lenny Bruce poet and wants to write dirty limericks to Mrs. Trump. Bette, Melania Trump is fluent in 6 languages, has her own multimillion-dollar company. You speak 1 (Hawaiian pidgeon does not count) and are really known for your big mouth. Point, set, and match Melania Trump.

I really do think “civil discourse” could really be in improved by the re-introduction of Dueling. Fewer keyboard killers, internet-assassins, and foul-mouthed headliners. Really.

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