Let’s Get The Motes Started

Notice the MSM is ardently not reporting the Philly shooter was a Muslim with ties to a radical mosque? Not so the Texas shooter, they couldn’t wait to id him as a white this, or a white that. Yeah, fair and balanced my aunt’s ass.

Local headline: “34-year old woman dead after becoming unresponsive”. Does anyone ever read these headlines? Most dead people are pretty unresponsive. But what really caught my attention was the very last line in the “news report”. Are you ready? Here goes…”It is unknown at this time what type of snorkel the woman was using.” Huh ??? This is news?

No Argument: Headline in Instapundit; “Walmart shouldn’t be selling dildos”. Like I said, no argument.

Recently received a pop-up ad; “Stop wasteful regime change wars. Vote Tulsi Gabbard”. How about we stop wasteful paying of non-working Representatives? Fire Tulsi.

Now wait a minute, Cory Booker says, when elected president, he will create a special office to combat “white supremacy”. Coming from an African American, isn’t that….? Shut Up Racist!! There is “Brown Pride” marches, “Black Pride” month, “Gay Pride” parades, “Martian Pride” sit-ins, but if I, as a white Christian male, say I am proud, I’m the racist. HUH?

Repeat after me; No One In The Clinton Brigade Goes To Jail. No One In The Clinton Brigade Goes To Jail. (But some become so upset the kill themselves.) Nobody I know has ever had 12 former “bodyguards” die. No one.

Something new has been added
: If you look at the recent pictures of the “riot squads” being used in Hong Kong, they are armed with large U-shaped staffs. This is actually an old Kung Fu weapon called a “tiger fork”. The police have taken it a step into the new world by adding “electric stun guns” to the fork. Oh wow, a “Tiger Stun Gun”. Good luck boy’s, you’re gonna need it.

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