Motes On A Saturday

To the “Honorable” Rep.’s Tashid and Omar: You don’t make the rules. You were elected to represent people of your communities, not other people from other nations. So pick up your ball and go home. They aren’t playing your game.

I am glad to see the EPA is walking back on its decision to restart using the explosive, cyanide traps to control fox and coyote populations in Montana, New Mexico, South Dakota, Wyoming and Texas. These “traps” use a bait to bring the animal in and then an explosive charge to spray sodium cyanide into the animals’ face. They have been in use since the 70’s and have killed many domestic pets and several humans along the way. You’d think in 50 years we could have come up with something, anything, better.

Just Wait: An Ohio man is charged with 10 felonies and 2 misdemeanors within 21 minutes and against 7 victims. Florida man says “Here, hold my beer.” (This will get out of hand quick.)

Paper ballots
are really hard to “hack” and fairly easy to count. Just sayin’.

Whatever happened to Congressional/public censure? Just asking for a friend.

Everybody climbing on
the Trump must be a “Hong Konger” wagon. No, he shouldn’t. I’m old enough to remember Kennedy’s 1963 speech at the Berlin wall when he said “Ich bin ein Berliner”. This was delivered at the Berlin Wall, just 22 months after it had been built. A wall to keep people in and deprive them of a decent life. The situation in Hong Kong is not the same. Perhaps Trump should say something, but not “I am a Hong Konger.” That’s just too stupid for words.

Another career politician. Colleen Hanabusa is probably running for Honolulu Mayor. Her profile claims she has “over 30 years experience” as a Labor Lawyer. My search,(a very light one), show she graduated U of H with her J.D. in 1977. She first was elected in 1998 and it appears she has been in “public service” a total of 19 years. Will she be any better than Do Nuttin’ Ige? Hell, can she be any worse?

I see why everyone is upset about the painting of W. Clinton, in a blue dress, hanging (appropriate) in Epstein’s house. Everyone knows you don’t wear red heels with a blue dress. Bad taste.

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