Little Greed Catch-Up Motes

Brit Headline for the week : Boy 14 carries out 13 sex attacks in 4 weeks. Horney little devil; isn’t he.

Not even in Hawaii: Pumpkin Spice Spam. Not even.

Spent some time in Hilo, just trying to decompress a little. Listen to a lot of music including this.

The group is called “Brule”. Good stuff.

It is reported the Dayton shooter had cocaine and “other” drugs in his system. Well, let’s make all those illegal. Oh, they are? Well, let’s make them more illegal. That’ll show ‘em.

By the way, Chicago count for last weekend? 56 shot, 4 dead. This is every weekend. In Obama’s home town. Yet they want to take the guns away from everyone who didn’t shoot anybody this weekend. Clean up your own kitchen before you start telling me to clean mine.

You know things are getting bad: When the CNN “journalist”’s security team forces out and assaults the journalist that doesn’t have a security team. But did have an invitation. At an “Education Summit”. So I guess “freedom of the press” doesn’t mean what you think it means.

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