Ok I’m Back Motes

Politicians don’t flip flop. They learn, evolve, and adjust their concepts. Except for our own Mazie. She’s so much smarter than “we “are, she even says so. Now, she’s telling the Supreme Court it better shape up. This from a person who last practiced law from 1978 to 1980, that’s two years and that was close to 40 years ago.

Prediction: E. Warren will be the Dem’s sacrificial nominee’. They are pretty sure no one can beat Trump, this includes Moochie. They will name a young, charismatic, possibly Hispanic, unknown as her VP. He will make great speeches and run just like he means it but is actually laying the ground work for 2024.Then, in 2023 the Dem party will bring him forth as the second coming of Obama, and say; “Look, we’ve run a black man and 2 women for president. We are the party of the people. This is the guy (who will probably be just a little young and maybe Hispanic) to run the country (the way we want) for the next 16 years (because they’ll be changing everything then). Dear God I hope I’m wrong.

Irony here somewhere: A U.K. equestrian, who had been charged with whipping an animal rights activist during a “hunt” has been crushed to death by her mount. It’s there, the irony, somewhere.

Badass, or just an ass: Conor McGregor appears to have been insulted when an “old” man declines his offer of free whiskey. In a recent incident McGregor starts yapping at the older gentleman while making a punching motion. When the man turns his head away, McGregor uncorks a left hand to the left side of the man’s face. McGregor is then swiftly whisked away by the two men who were trying to calm him down. The man who was punched somehow didn’t seem too fazed by the blow, remaining calm in his seat almost as if nothing happened. Maybe not so “bad”.

The Epstein death seems an awful lot like a prison death depicted on “The Wire”. The subject was strangled by another inmate, then a sheet wrapped around his neck, and then he was placed to look like a suicide. Nobody looks too hard at prison suicides, except when the whole world is watching.

No Sarah Silverman, they didn’t fire you for wearing “blackface” in 2007. They fired you because you’re a lousy actress, and a not funny comedian. Accept it.

Please, don’t claim something is “impossible’, especially right after someone does it. Makes you look silly.

I was personally glad to see “Gunivore”’s list of the Best Handgun Shooting Instructors topped by my friend John Farnham, and followed by former associate Clint Smith. Great guy’s both and incredible instructors. If you ever get the chance to take a class from either, take it. It will be something you remember forever. And you will learn.

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