Oh Crap, Monday Motes

Ok, everybody on board the “tighter background check” train. Neither background checks, closing the non-existent “gun show loophole” or any new law would have prevented any of these mass shootings. NOT ONE. Please, just pass the damn law, quit all the bitching, moaning and name calling, and start looking for the common indicators, and then do something when there is an indication of a problem. You know, like when the mother calls and says “I think something is wrong”. Then do something. Red flag laws will just make “swating” semi-legal. When the police make a “no-knock warrant” call, at your house, at 5am, because your neighbor called and said you were a danger to the neighborhood because of the Trump/NRA sticker on your second cousins ex-wife’s bumper, you will be shot dead. And it will be legal because nobody would ever abuse such a thing. Would they.

Buttibig says “The press is never the enemy of the [people”. Which people? His people, or the rest of the us.

Mexico says the U.S. must do more to protect Mexican nationals, while the Narco-war continues by hanging 19 bodies from a bridge. Take that Chicago.

Wish I could see it
: In New York, Bat Out Of Hell, The Musical. Dammmnnnn

Why I Don’t Have One: Now when police partner with Ring, Amazon’s home surveillance camera company, they get access to the “Law Enforcement Neighborhood Portal,” an interactive map that allows officers to request footage directly from camera owners. Police don’t need a warrant to request this footage, but they do need permission from camera owners. Ring also provides training for police teaching the best methods to get the home owner to allow them access. So, they ARE watching aren’t they?

I’m getting really depressed about all this crap. I hope ya’ll like my stories ‘cause I think that’s all I’m going to post for a while. But I have been known to change my mind now and then.

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