Little Wake-up Motes

If you don’t like the rules, make everyone change them for you: The Honolulu city charter says a candidate for Honolulu Prosecuting Attorney should be an attorney in good standing and who has been actively involved in criminal cases for at least three years within 10 years preceding the election. Former P.A. Peter Carlisle has not been actively involved in a criminal case in that time period. But he has served in the very seat he’s hoping to qualify for between 1996 and 2010. The former prosecutor says he should qualify this time around because he’s writing a manual on how to try a murder without a body and because he’s been interviewed by the media numerous times. Don’t get me wrong, I know Peter and I like Peter, but the rules should be the same for everyone. NO EXCEPTIONS!

They just make it up
: Rep. Omar says hate crimes increase 227% after a Trump rally. There is absolutely no evidence or proof to substantiate this claim. None. Zero. Nada. She just makes this shit up, and no one calls out for “censure”. No consequences for her actions.

Someone asked me what advice I’d give about the recent shootings. I try to live by “Farnham’s Rules”; 1) Don’t go to stupid places 2) Don’t do stupid things 3) Don’t associate with stupid people. None of these rules would apply to shopping at Walmart, or going to a bar in the evening. Do maintain situational awareness, don’t drink to excess so you cannot maintain situational awareness, and listen to that little bird inside that says “get out and go home.”

Joe Biden
says that voters should always choose “truth over facts”. ??? If it is a fact, it is a “truth”. Or is truth a “f
act”? Help I’m stuck in a mind wrap.

Actual Tweeter post; If this doesn’t scare the crap out of you, it should. Italic comments are mine.From
“Jamie Carter, @JCTheResistance;””Fuck your thoughts and prayers.”
#EnoughIsEnough I am so pissed that I have no words, so I am going to reup an old post. (So this is not a new feeling. She has harbored this for some time.)
“You MAG better pray that liberal’s never gain control of the WH again be cause we are going to pay you back so fucking hard for all this shit.” (Not specifc shit, just all this shit.) Planned Parenthoods on every dam corner.”
She ( I guess) then goes on to make threats about everything she thinks “we” hold dear. From a “pussy hat pink” Air Force One to fumigating the White House and painting “the whole damn thing rainbow.” People, this person scares the crap out of me. This is the kind of person that will poison your dog, flatten your tires, and then burn your house while you’re sleeping. All because of some imagined slight someone else did that you don’t know and have no control over. They are unhinged. They are killers but will consider it their moral right to destroy you and all that you love and hold dear. Read the whole thing at “”.

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