Wandering Weekend Motes

Sitting and talking with my friend Attorney Ed the other day. He and I are as opposite as can be on politics, religion, and damn near everything else. We have been friends for over 25 years, long ago we agreed to disagree, and we have civil conversations. Maybe that’s what is wrong with the world, no civility.

Bones of a cannibal parrot have been found in New Zealand. Scientists believe the 1-meter tall bird weighed in at around 15 pounds and had a break that could crack “open wide” whatever it decided was dinner. I keep saying, New Zealand and Australia, are the Texas of the rest of the world.

Brit romance headline for the week
: “Plumbing job led to hot sex with the customer and now my girlfriend won’t forgive me”. So, those stories of the plumber and the housewife are real? And how did the girlfriend find out? Inquiring minds…. oh hell, nobody really cares.

Rhetorical question: “Is The GOP Gearing up to cave on Gun Control?” Really. You’re really asking? Why yes, yes they are. As if there was ever any doubt.

Lots of conversation regarding all “white supremist males” and what is the cause. How about that they (we) are constantly being told what “toxic” misogynistic, worthless, racist lifeforms white males are. “Reporters” talk about how much better the world would be if “all white males were in concentration camps”. Politicians damn and condemn white males simply for being white males. And God help a white, Christian, conservative male. He is the embodiment of all that is evil in the world. A better question would seem to be, why are there so few that actually do commit acts of violence. And why do those few get all the publicity?

I do believe the decline of civilization began when they decided dueling was a bad thing. “An armed society is a polite society. A man chooses his words carefully when he may have to back them up with his life”. RAH

Big Bill Jordan (Inspector U.S. Border Patrol Ret.) once wrote about when his grandfather would leave their home. The last thing Grandpa would do is tuck a small .32 or .38 revolver in his pocket or belt. As did everyone else in the neighborhood. In those “gentler days; ” A woman could walk home at night without fear and no man called you a son of a bitch without smiling at you.” I know this concept is hard for many to understand but it does come down to my favorite topics, personal responsibility and respect.

Personal feeling:
no man (or woman ) should put your name and business on “the street” without consequences. Hear that Mr. Castro? That’s now called “doxing” and there should be strong consequences for doing it. But there aren’t so you’ll keep doing it until someone gets hurt and then you’ll cry about the incivility brought forth by those evil conservatives. Look in the damn mirror, you are the problem and no part of the solution. Yeah, I know, no one will ever read this, but it sure does feel good to put it out.

Priorities: President Candidate Warren has revealed her 85 billion dollar proposal to guarantee high speed internet access and to create another worthless federal money sucker, a federal Office of Broadband Access. According to her proposal this entity would have a great deal of authority over your electricity,community, and of course the control of what you see and read. I really think there are a lot more important things needing work that my interweb feeds.

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