Moving Through The Week Motes

Tried watching the CMA music festival Sunday night. Is it just me, or does all the new country music sound the same, and sound the same as every new pop song, and the performers all look the same? Same t-shirt, baseball jersey, same ballcap, same rhythm. What the hell happened to country music?

Standing around and screaming “Do Something” really isn’t doing anything. If you can’t do something, get the hell out of the way for someone who can. By the way, all three shootings occurred in “Gun Free” zones actually posted as GFZ. And a “mandatory gun buy back” is not a buyback anything. You can’t “buy back” something you never owned in the first place. The mandatory means you don’t have a choice. Call it what it really is Beto, confiscation. I will not yield.

Free Free Free Tax Ban Confiscate Reparations Limitations Free Free Free

Finally, a movement that I can get behind.(pun intended) Déjà vu’ Services says they will send a dozen erotic dancers and the mobile “strippermobile” to help storm “Area 51”. Ryan Carlson:, “Most Americans know: that strippers make any event better, and this one will be no exception,” Finally, someone is talking sense.

Watch “Nobody Saw A Thing” (Sundance Channel) about the 1981 Skidmore Mo. killing. Not going into specifics here, I remember when the even happened. Really worth the watch.

Is Baltimore a rat infested third world city? Dunno, but a recent clean up found newspapers from 2009 in a pile of street rubbish. And so far this year there have been 200 (The Baltimore Sun) murders. And Chicago Mayor Lightfoot seems to take offense when Ivanka Trump mentions her city and the gun violence. Instead of using Ms. Trump’s tweet as a rally point, the mayor decided to take offense (because it is from a Trump) and use minor points to disagree. Hey Mayor, if it was one shooting or a half dozen shootings, they were in the same town (Chicago), during the same 48 hours, and there were 50+ wounded and 7 killed. And this appears to be an average weekend. It needs to be addressed.

It don’t take a gun: In Alabama, a man, allegedly carrying a firearm, allegedly broke into a woman’s home. Intent, unknown. She defended herself, allegedly, by throwing a pan of hot grease into his face. Self defense is using what’s on hand.

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