Quicky Motes

Headline says; “Lollapalooza festival goer dies for second straight year”. If I was him, I’d stop going.

It has been reported that someone, somehow, changed the El Paso shooter’s profile, right after the shooting went down. The profile was changed to reflect a different affiliation and other personal information. This was done before the blood in the street was dry. The MSM immediately began reporting the false information as if it had come in stone from down the mountain. Reprehensible. Even when they knew the information has been altered, they continued to report it as fact. Shameful and despicable.

A good mote; Landen Hoffman, the 5-year-old boy thrown from a balcony at the Mall of America in April, is out of intensive care and beginning the “next phase of his recovery”. God speed your recovery young man. God speed.

Meanwhile, this weekend, in Chicago, 47 shot, 7 dead. Ho hum, just a average weekend. Whoops, I’d better be careful or they’ll start treating me like Neil deGrasse Tyson. He’s being slammed and shammed over the truth. We have become a culture that overly responds to emotion, by pointing actual weekend death numbers from all causes.

There is only one person the blame in these shootings, the guy pulling the trigger. The shooter and only the shooter is responsible for his actions.

Strange words together
: Fixer Upper Mansions. Somehow, they just don’t work.

Trump has condemned White Supremacy. Loudly. Where is the condemnation of Islamic Terrorism from our esteemed members of Congress and the House of Representatives? (crickets.. or if you’re from the Big Island coquis frogs chirp.)

Question: There are continuous up-dates on the wounded from these 2 shooting. Why weren’t there up-dates on these wounded at the Las Vegas Shooting? I can’t find any reference to any of those in MSM. None.

I’m sure it was accidental: Jimmy Kimmel tells the truth; “Politicians don’t care what we think”

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