Little Monday Motes

It Ain’t Yours If We Say It’s Ours: A Denver restaurant owner wants to sell his place, after flipping pancakes and eggs for over 20 years, wants to sell his place and retire as he turns 60. But no, some “preservationists” want the building declared a “historic landmark”, ignoring the fact there are 3 buildings, designed and built exactly the same, and are preventing the owner from selling. The original purchaser has withdrawn his offer. And now the “landmark application” submitted by someone other than the owner, goes to the Denver City Council. Sorry owner, it’s ours. And you get NOTHING. But all is not lost, you can go on Social Security, Medicare, or even welfare. You’ll be okay. Honest.

The Finest Politicians Money Can But: In Chicago an Alderman(woman) and her six children have filed Bankruptcy 14 times to get out of debts that included taxes and “parking fines”. And most of the fillings were while all of them were/ are employed by the City.

Apocalypse? Seagulls, in Britain, have attacked a 2-year-old girl, just days after the same flock attacked and “savaged” the family pet Yorky. And there are still grasshoppers in Vegas.

There is GOOD news, Moochy says there is “Zero Chance” she will run for President. Until the “popular demand of the people” make her change her mind. But until then we’re safe.

Wait, wait, I know the answer to this one
: “The silence from Barrack Obama as his V-P of 8 years, gets torn limb from limb on his behalf is fascinating. Either those two are really on the outs or Obama truly is a political machine with no sense of loyalty.” From Instapundit

“No Money Until Wayne Is Gone.” I totally concur.

The investigation of James Comey has been forwarded with a “do not prosecute” recommendation. What have I said?” Not A Day.”

Would the former Mr. Rosanne Barr, please shut up. Please.

The cry of the Looney Left Wing Liberal; Free Free Free Tax Confiscate Reparations Free Free Free

Breitbart; 9 in 10 young Britons feel their lives has no purpose.” Well, get off your fat, mommy’s house living, x-box playing, butts and go out there and find one. I don’t care if you think your purpose is to be the best(worst) “football” thug ever. Just go the hell out and doing something. Geeeze

A Michigan man has been sentenced to 60 days in jail, to be served on weekend, for poisoning his wife. She filed for divorce, set up a “nanny cam” and recorded him putting Benadryl in her coffee. Lots and lots of Benadryl. So now he goes to “jail”, sort of. Probably didn’t have anything to do on the weekends after the divorce anyway.

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