Soapbox Alert…Soapbox Alert

Double standard: A guy says he is attacked by 2 MAGA hat wearing white guys, at 3 am, on a very cold Chicago winter morning, and everyone comes out and wants to hold his hand and make it better. A Manhattan man says he was beaten for wearing a MAGA hat, complete with excessive facial damages from the beating, and his story is “met with some skepticism”. Some of the “reporters” have cast doubts, not about the attack, but they doubt it was over the hat. It’s been 3 days and the story hasn’t fallen apart ala’ Smollett. Double standard? I’d say YES.

No people, adding another amendment to the U.S. Constitution is NOT the answer to everything, not even to climate change or “campaign reform”. The answer is not making more laws, or amendments, it is ENFORCEMENT of the existing PENALTIES. We pass laws, but we don’t enforce the law or the penalties and that, IMHO, is the problem. Way bother to follow the law when you know nothing will happen if you don’t. “But we have too many people in jail now”. So what, let’s build newer and bigger prisons. If we don’t enforce penalties, why bother making the laws.

Why does everyone refer to him as “The Reverend Al Sharpton”? From what I can learn, he has a minimal education and it doesn’t include a “Divinity Degree” or even a honorary degree. There is a report that he was “ordained” at age 9. A 1996 article from the NYT claimed he “became a Baptist minister” but there doesn’t seem to be any proof. I judge from results and past actions. This man is the least “reverend” I can imagine.

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