Motes Of Mine

Me! Me! Me! : Notice Tulsi said nothing about “Big Tech” until they did something to offend her. Now she is calling for everyone “across the political spectrum” to unite and fight “Big Tech’s Censorship”. Now remember, she is one of the State of Hawaii Representatives. Just who in Hawaii is she representing? Shouldn’t our State Attorney General be in this? Well probably no, it has nothing to do with Trump. So, she is representing who? Who? Who? I sound like an owl.

No, I don’t really believe the FBI/NSA/CIA/DIA listen to my calls. Why should I, I’m not doing anything wrong. I have nothing to hide. (How’d you guys like that gumbo recipe?)

I keep talking about “representatives” in Government And that they don’t represent the people who elected them. California Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) on Tuesday signed a bill requiring President Trump to release his tax returns before he can appear on the state’s 2020 primary ballot. Under S.B. 27, called the “Presidential Tax Transparency and Accountability Act,any candidate running for president or governor of California will be required to file copies of the last five years of their tax returns to the California secretary of State. This only applies to California, and I bet will only be used on President Trump. I wonder how many of the people in California Newsom really represents, and how many of them had any input on this “bill”. I don’t believe a state can keep a presidential candidate, in a federal election, off the ballot. The state of California doesn’t want to acknowledge the Constitutions 2nd amendment either. Maybe they should secede and join, well whoever will have them.

Am I the only person that does NOT find torn, frayed, and holey jeans attractive? I mean, really. Especially those torn “artificially”.

Hey, Rosanna Arquette: What is the most common denominator in America mass shootings? The shooter is white? No. The shooter uses an assault weapon? No. The common denominator, 97.8%, is that they occur in “gun free zones”. I’d call that a common denominator, but then I’m a cranky old white guy and responsible for every ill since time. (And I believe her grandfather, who was an idol of mine, is spinning in his grave. Google Charley Weaver.)

The suspect in the recent Honolulu police officer shooting has a “long criminal history”, which includes a “life” sentence in 1990. That translated to a 12 year prison stay. Think on that, a 12-year term, when he was sentenced to “life”. Now he comes out shooting, because what are they gonna do, send him to prison?

Kathy Griffin is still trying to make herself relevant by claiming the photo of her holding a bloody head resembling President Trump has made her unemployable and uninsurable. Her comment, “The President and the Department of Justice shouldn’t make you unemployable and uninsurable.” Shows how arrogant she really is. No Kathy, the government and media did not make you unemployable. Your own bad decisions and halfhearted defense of your decisions are what make you unemployable. That and you’re not funny. And that’s a problem for a comedian.

Hey, isn’t it about time for someone to “Jim Acosta” some of these politicritters at their pressers? Just asking for a reporter friend of mine. Hey, maybe I’ve come up with a new term. “Acosta” journalism. As in to “Acosta” the candidate.

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